Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 9 March 2020

Ceasefire in Syria Dead on Arrival?

Ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib province is more illusion than reality.

At best, principles Putin and Erdogan agreed on last Thursday abated fighting short-term without halting it or preventing a flareup like all previous times when ceasefires were declared throughout years of war in Syria.

After nine years of Obama regime-launched aggression, now Trump’s war, resolution is nowhere in prospect because of bipartisan US support for regime change.

Endless US-led NATO et al war on the Syrian Arab Republic is all about replacing its legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule, along with isolating Iran regionally — aiming to topple its government.

For Turkey’s Erdogan, it’s all about annexing northern Syrian territory, especially its oil producing areas.

For Israel, it’s all about eliminating a rival state to advance its regional dominance aims as Washington’s Middle East junior partner.

Russian support is crucial for Syria to survive as a nation-state in its present form.

Press TV quoted Syrian UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafar’s remarks to the Arabic-language Elnashra online news service, saying:

“I can confirm that Syrian leadership besides Syrian people will not allow Erdogan or anyone else to repeat in Idlib what happened in Alexandretta.”

In July 1939, weeks before WW II began, Turkish forces seized the Syrian territory, transforming it into Ankara’s Hatay province.

Jaafari called Erdogan Turkey’s Netanyahu, describing them both as “occupiers and aggressive,” adding:

“What we care about in Syria is the elimination of terrorism and the establishment of full control and sovereignty over Syrian soil.” 

“If Erdogan listens to the voice of wisdom, puts an end to his support for terrorism, refrains from destructive interference in Syria and stops wasting the blood of forces of his aggressive and occupying army, this will serve peace and stability of all peoples of the region, including the neighboring Turkish nation.”

If his cross-border aggression continues, “nothing will prevent us from continuing our war against terrorism and all those who support, arm, finance, and use it for political gains.”

Time and again, Erdogan breached what he agreed to with Russia in Astana and Sochi — proving he can never be trusted.

Instead of opposing regional terrorism, he actively supports it, using jihadists to advance his imperial aims, operating like the US, NATO and Israel.

Al Jaafari: “(T)he number of terrorists, especially foreigners, increased in Idlib, and instead of withdrawing all tanks, rocket launchers and mortars from the demilitarized zone by October 10, 2018, thousands of (Turkish) soldiers plus heavy military hardware were deployed inside the Syrian territory.” 

“We never expected Erdogan to honor his pledges, because this simply means the end of his reckless adventures in Syria, and an end to his political and military interventions in other countries.”

No reasons exist to believe he’ll turn a page for restoration of peace and stability in Syria, what he hasn’t done throughout nine years of war.

Idlib is the last Western/Turkish/Israeli/Saudi supported terrorist stronghold in Syria.

It’s liberating struggle depends on eliminating its scourge in the province and wherever else it may emerge in the country.

It depends on ending foreign occupation by US and Turkish forces.

War continues in Idlib and elsewhere in Syria despite what Putin and Erdogan agreed on last week.

On Saturday, Russia’s reconciliation center in Syria said the following:

No cessation of hostilities agreed to by Putin and Erdogan in Moscow has been achieved. Fighting abated but continues.

Syrian and Russian forces are committed to eliminate the threat of terrorism in Idlib and throughout the Syrian Arab Republic.

“Over the last 24 hours, the Russian party of the Russia-Turkey Commission on violations of the Joint Agreement has registered 19 cases of firing in the provinces of: Idlib-3, Latakia-7, Aleppo-9.”

“The Turkish side has registered 1 cases of ceasefire violations in in the provinces of Idlib-1.”

According to Russia’s Avia.Pro publication on Saturday, “(t)wo  Russian military aircraft in the sky over the province of Idlib prevented a Turkish F-16 fighter from shooting down the Syrian fighter-bomber Su-22, which carried out attacks on terrorist positions.” 

“Thanks to Russian aircraft, the Turkish combat fighter not only did not dare to enter Syrian airspace, but also underwent an unexpected attack.”

A state of undeclared war by Erdogan exists on Syria, more incidents like the above highly likely ahead.

Russian support for Damascus is key to checking US and Turkish revanchist aims in Syria.

Supported by the West, Turkey, Israel and the Saudis, the terrorist threat to Syrian sovereignty continues.

Following principles agreed on by Putin and Erdogan last week, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the US created and supported al-Nusra offshoot from al-Qaeda by another name, said the following:

“(C)easefire is nothing new…(I)ts  days will not pass until there is another betrayal against the revolution…”

“This agreement is marred by obscurity and floating platitudes that allow for the Russian occupier to make use of it for new aggression.”

“We thank the Turkish government for clearly standing with and supporting the Syrian revolution.”

“(T)here is no victory for our revolution without continuing the struggle against our enemy however much it costs.”

(T)here is no security or peace in Syria except by removing” its government.

On Saturday, Iran’s Fars News reported the death of a senior IRGC military advisor in Palmyra, Syria, the second death of an Iranian military official in Syria since late February.

Ceasefire in Idlib province exists in name only, Turkish claims of no violations more illusion than reality.

It just a matter of time before an invented pretext by the US, Turkey, and/or one of their imperial partners unjustifiably justifies escalated fighting.

What happened before numerous is highly likely to repeat again.

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