Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 8 March 2020

Tulsi Gabbard Disqualified from Upcoming Debates by Dems After Qualifying

Undemocratic Dems in cahoots with US wealth and power interests want Gabbard shut out of the race to be party standard bearer and silenced on a national stage.

They want control of the official narrative, alternative views suppressed, the hallmark of totalitarian rule.

They want her denied a platform on national television to oppose endless US wars against invented enemies both right wings of the one-party state want waged endlessly. 

They want support expressed for universal healthcare and other social justice programs, opposed by wealth and power interests, silenced.

According to DNC debate rules, presidential aspirants with one or more delegates from primaries or caucuses qualify to participate in upcoming ones.

Those were the rules before Gabbard won two delegates.

According to DNC communications director Xochitl Hinojosa, the qualifying threshold may be raised, tweeting:

“We have two more debates. Of course the threshold will go up. By the time we have the March debate, almost 2,000 delegates will be allocated. The threshold will reflect where we are in the race, as it always has.”

The next Dem debate is scheduled for March 15 ahead of the Arizona primary. Sanders, Biden and Gabbard alone remain in contention for the Dem nomination after Warren dropped out Thursday.

Despite too far behind to catch up, Gabbard remains in the race.

She’s in it to “save the people and the planet from annihilation” from nuclear war and/or ecocide, she said, adding:

She supports what she believes is right on major issues — even when her views are unpopular with powerful interests.

Things are “getting closer and closer to the brink of nuclear war, and unless we deal with pulling back, walking away from the risk of nuclear disaster, nothing else will matter,” she stressed.

She called for “deescalating tensions with nuclear armed countries…bringing about an end to the new Cold War and nuclear arms race, and putting the interests of the American people and country ahead of all else.”

Undemocratic Dems manipulated things to engineer her out of contention last year because of remarks like the following:

“(K)nowing first-hand the cost of war, both on our service members, on our veterans, as well as the cost on the people in the countries where we intervene, as well as the trillions of dollars, our taxpayer dollars, that are spent on waging these wars, dollars that are sorely needed to address the very real urgent needs of our families, our communities, our neighbors right here at home” — she called for using the nation’s resources for domestic needs.

“No more wars for regime change, like Syria and Afghanistan,” she said — opposing intervention abroad as well for regime change in Iran, Venezuela and elsewhere.

Dem debate participation rules last year required presidential aspirants to have 130,000 unique donors, at least 400 of them in 20 states, along with at least 2% support in four or more DNC-approved polls between June 28 and August 28, 2019.

After participating in the November 2019 Dem debate, Gabbard was shut out of subsequent ones.

In late January, the DNC changed the debate rules to let Michael Bloomberg participate, beginning on February 19 in Nevada.

To qualify henceforth, candidates must win at least one delegate or receive 10% or more support in at least four DNC-approved polls between January 15 and February 18.

Candidates could also qualify by getting 12% or more support in at least two polls for the Nevada caucuses or South Carolina primary.

Changing rules in the middle of the game is part of DNC manipulation for a party standard bearer considered safe.

Earlier, Real Clear Politics contributor Michael Tracey said Gabbard is being “victimized (by) dubious (DNC) criteria that appear increasingly absurd.”

With all Dem aspirants out of the race except Biden, Sanders and Gabbard, the DNC wants her shut out, her views silenced, especially her anti-war advocacy.

Party bosses rigged Super Tuesday, resurrecting Biden’s campaign from near-collapse to frontrunner status.

They want Gabbard denied a national platform to potentially mess up their best laid plans to anoint the former vice president party standard bearer.

Democracy the way it should be prohibits electoral dirty tricks. It lets political aspirants from all parties and persuasions participate on a level playing field, including independents.

It keeps money out of politics, prevents predetermined outcomes, and automatically enfranchises all citizens, disenfranchising no one for any reasons.

It encourages voter participation by a process that’s open, free and fair.

It assures governance of, by and for everyone equitably, giving real meaning to “we the people.”

It prevents what Adam Smith called “the defense of the rich against the poor,” what Michael Parenti called a system that protects “a rising bourgeoisie’s (freedom to) invest, speculate, trade, and accumulate wealth” at the expense of the public welfare.

In the US, outcomes for high-level political positions are predetermined, the process manipulated to assure it.

Losers are declared winners – and not just for president. America’s electoral process lacks legitimacy.

The divine right of capital runs things, voters with no say over who rules and how the country is run.

Party bosses in cahoots with monied interests manipulate the process with electronic ease.

Americans get the best “democracy” deep pockets can buy.

Whenever elections are held, powerful interests win every time at the expense of peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, and a nation safe and fit to live in.

Gabbard is a fly in the dirty system’s ointment, why the process was rigged and re-rigged against her participation on a national stage.

And if those dirty tricks fail, many more can be used to manipulate her out of contention.

According to unstated rules by both right wings of the one-party state, aspirants against endless wars and for social justice cannot be allowed to serve in high office — the dirty system rigged to assure it.

A Final Comment

It’s official. On Friday, DNC rules were changed again to block Gabbard’s participation in the upcoming Arizona debate — the bar raised above her qualifying threshold.

New rules now require candidates to have at least 20% of delegates to qualify.

The new standard eliminates women, people of color, non-Judeo-Christians, and anyone under age-70.

It also mocks democracy the way it’s supposed to be. In the US, there’s none at all, just the illusion of a free, fair and open process that doesn’t exist and never did from inception.

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