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Woman Gets $325K After Horrifying Video Showed Cop Hit Her 61 Times With a Baton

‘Fort Collins, CO — Natasha Patnode received word last month that she will be receiving $325,000 from the city of Fort Collins — roughly $5,300 for every baton blow doled out by a Fort Collins police officer that struck her body. She was suspected of shoplifting clothing and was nearly killed over it.

On March 29, 2018, Fort Collins police officer Todd Hopkins was called in to arrest Patnode after she was accused of stealing clothing from a Target store. Hopkins senselessly and needlessly escalated force during the arrest, which led to Patnode’s savage beating and the end of the officer’s job with the Fort Collins police department.

Prior to Hopkins arriving on the scene, Patnode was attempting to evade a loss prevention employee from Target. When Hopkins arrived, things turned violent fast. Hopkins grabbed the woman by the collar, threw her to the ground, pepper sprayed her, and began unleashing a fury of punches and baton blows in a beating that would last several minutes.

Patnode did not appear to pose a threat to the officer and simply seemed to be shielding herself from his rampage, curled up in the fetal position on the floor as this woman-beating cop laid into her.’

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