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6 Phrases Which Are Worth Saying on the First Date

To find out exactly what you need to tell the woman on the first date is difficult. After all, the first date is always a delicate issue. On the one hand, you want to seem interested and attractive, so that she knows that this is a date, not a friendly meeting. On the other hand, you should not be assertive so that she does not think that you are only interested in a one-night relationship. 

Some tips would be helpful for anyone regardless of age and goals. If you are interested in mature dating, try and see how our advice will support you on the first date. Find some certain examples of what it is worth saying to the woman you want to see on the second date, and then on the third.

  1. “This dress looks amazing on you”

If you feel the chemistry between you, it is important that the woman with whom you went on a date understands that you like her. In other words, she may feel a similar craving for you but this is not enough: most likely, she will be pleased to understand that she is also attractive to you. In general, be sure to make her a compliment. But only sincere and unusual. 

  1. “I will call them back later”

According to one study, using a mobile phone is a major stumbling block for people who date. Researchers found that about 75% of the first dates were the last if one of the partners answered the phone during the meeting. Moreover, 66% of respondents admitted that they do not like it when the meeting is interrupted by the need for the interlocutor to answer the message, and 41% of the respondents said that even just putting the phone on the table with the screen up is rude.

  1. “I know what you mean. It reminds me of the time when I …”

A study conducted by the behavioral economist and professor Dan Ariely found that women were more likely to be interested in men who interrupted them on a date. But let’s make it clear right away: interrupting someone to dominate the conversation is unattractive. According to the study mentioned above, successful dates included conversations in which a man skillfully and delicately interrupted a woman to say something that showed that they had a common experience.

  1. “My family is very important to me”

A good relationship with family or close friends is definitely something worth mentioning on your first date. If you have a warm relationship with family and friends, this indicates that you are capable of reciprocity, necessary for a healthy relationship.

  1. “Thank you …” (for a classy evening, for example)

Simple but effective. Courtesy is not just a tribute to etiquette, but also one of those qualities in a man that most women want to see in their potential partner. By the way, your kindness should not be limited only to the gallant treatment of a girl. Be polite to waiters, bartenders and everyone with whom you communicate during a date. 

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