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How to pressure wash composite wood shingles siding

Tips for power cleaning of composite wood siding

Having composite shingles siding, that is made of a combination of different materials, you must take care of the washing process. And while every house owner can apply a strategy of hand-washing, there is less time-consuming and more labor-saving option — pressure washing. Equipment for power washing offers an easy and quick way of achieving great results. However, it can be tricky to use on the siding. High pressure of jet can cause some damages, and you may incur losses. Your task is to clean your home safely, not destroying it.

Composite siding is usually used in the climate with high humidity. It is much more durable, so it can effectively withstand a pressure-washer without any risks. The same situation is with vinyl and fiber cement options. But what about composite wood shingles siding that made of a variety of wood materials that are considered more vulnerable to external factors? The following tips must help you to clean wood siding without negative consequences:

  •         don’t use really high-pressure levels;
  •         avoid the constant spray, keep moving when spraying, so the wood won’t be damaged;
  •         using a tip is a very good idea to avoid powerful jet and spray out water over a wider space;

The most useful advice here will be to not skip the washing process no matter you have composite cedar shingles siding or other types like vinyl, aluminum materials, etc. It will help you to preserve the paint, keep the fresh look of your exterior, boost curb appeal, avoid expensive repairs. The proper process will increase the value of your house. Regular maintenance of the exterior is a must-have of every responsible owner.

Instructions and precautions

Keep your eyes open and be extremely careful when using a pressure washer for cleaning composite shingles siding. Always control your movements and watch where you direct the jet and places that you are spraying. Don’t spray windows, electrical panels, vents. Remember, you will have a successful outcome only in the case of delivering a moderate water pressure. Always start from the top and go way down, so dirty water will not get onto clean sections. You don’t have to stop during the process. It means that you must take care of the things that shouldn’t be wet. If you keep any decorations, plants, or furniture against the siding, just remove them for a while. If you don’t want to move anything, then cover it with some sheets of plastic.

 After buying the washer, you need to test it on some unobtrusive areas, somewhere at the back. If you use it incorrectly, you may crack and spoil the siding. A pressure tool you can either buy or rent. Purchasing such a household device can be rather a great investment. For those who have asphalt shingles, this procedure is prohibited. And for security reasons, don’t use intensive pressure in a high place. You can lose your balance and fall off the ladder. Together with a washer, you can buy protective googles. During power washing, take care not only of cleanliness but also of yourself.

In case you need to upgrade your exterior and increase residence’s value not only by implementing the process of pressure washing of composite shingles siding but with its full replacement, you can use the services of a reliable home renovation company UBrothers Construction. They offer projects for updating your siding. You can choose among four options: vinyl, fiber cement, wood, composite siding. Picking the options that suit your home, remember, competent maintenance is the key to keep your home in a good condition.  


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