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The Trump Impeachment: looking back and looking forward

Of course this will never be over, not even all the way through Trump’s second term. The Democrats howled about the vote to not have witnesses, even though Adam Schiff was a big part of why this happened. President Trump said back in December that he wanted a big trial, with a lot of witnesses. For my part, I wanted the same. There were two basic reasons why this did not happen.

First, the whistleblower was ruled out as a possible witness—this was essentially done behind the scenes, and in reality can be called a Deep State operation, though one exposed to some extent by Rand Paul. This has nothing to do with protecting the whistleblower or upholding the whistleblower statute, but instead with the fact that the whistleblower was a CIA plant in the White House.

That the whistleblower works for the CIA is a matter of public record, not some conspiracy theory. Furthermore, for some time before the impeachment proceedings began, the whistleblower had been coordinating his efforts to undermine Trump with the head of the House Intelligence Committee, who happens to be Adam Schiff. It is possible that the connections with Schiff go even further or deeper. Obviously the Democrats do not want these things exposed.

Second, though, the other problem was more from the Republican side (though efforts to keep hidden things hidden is largely a bipartisan effort). The Democrats howled when Mitch McConnell said that he was coordinating the efforts of Senate Republicans to support the president. The real story is just the opposite: McConnell was signaling to the president that, if he wanted the Republican Party politicians and leadership to support him, he would have to go along with their game plan on impeachment.

Perhaps there is a moment, now that Trump has been acquitted (for now!) and the Democrats have performed their little stunts, culminating in Nancy Pelosi’s obnoxious act of contempt at the end of the State of the Union address, to reflect on what has transpired in the last couple of months without everything being immediately overtaken by events.

Actually, I’m not counting on this, as the Democrats have little else that they can reveal publicly other than to paint Trump as a monster (“fascist,” etc.) and to oppose everything Trump says or does. Hatred of Trump will also serve as a cover for the efforts of the DNC and leading Dem politicians and power-players to destroy Bernie Sanders. Most OP (ordinary people) Democrats and leftists will go right along with this, as messed-up as that seems to anyone outside of those camps.

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