Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 28 February 2020

Smashing Terrorists in Syria the Only Viable Option

Addressing the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said agreeing to another truce in Syria’s terrorist-infested Idlib province means surrendering to and emboldening their extremism.

The only viable option is eliminating their presence in Idlib, surrounding areas, and throughout Syria by smashing them — the only language they and their US/NATO/Turkish/ Israeli/Saudi backers understand.

Eliminating hot beds of terrorism where it exists “ensure(s) humankind’s stable and sustained development,” ordinary people benefitting most, said Lavrov, adding:

US-led Western countries and their imperial allies are on the wrong side of history, replacing “recognized norms of international law” by operating extrajudicially.

The US and EU pay lip service to democratic values, operating to eliminate governance of, by, and for everyone equitably where it exists.

While expressing support for fundamental freedoms, the West “greenlights the spread of Nazi ideology” in central Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

In the post-WW II era, “(a)n unprecedented migration crisis is connected directly with rampant terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa stemming from (US-led) NATO aggression” in these regions.

Ongoing endlessly with no resolution in sight prevents restoration of peace, stability, and sustainable development, along with what’s “most important, the right to life,” said Lavrov.

Russia stands for “advanc(ing) collective principles in its work with the aim of developing consensus approaches and saying no to confrontation.”

Among major powers, Russia is the world’s leading proponent of resolving ongoing conflicts diplomatically — ones the US and its imperial partners want continued endlessly, blaming victims of their aggression for high crimes committed against them.

The Trump and Turkish Erdogan regimes oppose Syria’s liberating struggle, using jihadists as proxy troops against the country’s armed forces and civilians.

On Tuesday, Pompeo turned truth on its head, falsely blaming Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for US/Turkish aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and its long-suffering people.

Russia’s involvement in Syria’s liberating struggle since September 2015 turned virtually certain elimination of its sovereignty and territorial integrity into hoped for preserving  what’s too vital to lose.

Advancing government forces are liberating US/Turkish-terrorist controlled areas one city, town and village at a time.

They’re winning the struggle for Syria’s soul, the Trump and Erdogan regimes losing.

Both figures rage publicly, bluster and bravado their specialty.

On Wednesday, Erdogan admitted his limited ability to wage an effective offensive in Syria — because Russia controls airspace over areas he seeks to control and annex.

Claiming his aggression is all about “maintain(ing) security along our borders” defied his revanchist aims. 

Unacceptably demanding that Syrian forces halt their liberating advances, his threats of a major offensive are largely bluster.

Moscow and Damascus oppose his cross-border adventurism. With air cover, his offensive would be severely limited.

On Wednesday, a statement by Syria’s military said the following:

“Over the past few days, our brave soldiers have been able to establish control over many towns, villages and strategic hills including Rakaya Sajneh, Ma’aret Mouqes, Kafr Sajneh, al-Sheikh Mustafa, Ma’ar Zita, Hass, Ma’aret Harmeh, Kafranbel, Ba’rbou, al-Dar al-Kabira, Shinshrah, Deir Sonboul and Hazarin, after eliminating large numbers of terrorists and cutting their supply routes.”

“The army will continue to carry out its sacred national duties and its determination to liberate all the lands of the Syrian Arab Republic from terrorism and its backers and to eliminate it completely.”

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service head Sergey Naryshkin noted continued Western support for al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets and their anti-government media war in Syria, blaming government forces for CW incidents they and jihadists they support were responsible for.

“Funded by (US and) British (regimes, White Helmets) spread fabricated information against Syria and its army.”

On Wednesday, Southfront reported what US, other Western, and Turkish media suppressed, explaining:

“In southern Idlib, Syrian troops took control of Hass, Kafr Nabl, Bisaqla, Ba’rabu, Qiratah, Sahab, Qa’uri and Deir Sunbol. Kafr Nabl was the main strong point of Turkish-backed forces on this part of the frontline. Its fall marks the collapse of the group’s defenses in the area.”

On the same day, AMN News said “jihadist(s) are on the verge of complete defeat in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region, as troops from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continue to push north” in Idlib and surrounding areas, “captur(ing) a dozen towns and villages.”

An offensive by Turkish-backed jihadists “backfired,” government forces smashing them.

If Syria’s military reaches “the Aleppo-Latakia Highway” in Idlib, the jihadist “offensive in (the province’s east) will matter very little, as (their fighters) will have lost the entire Jabal Al-Zawiya region.”

Erdogan is long on bluster, way short of winning the battle for Idlib — because Russia is committed to support government forces smash jihadists he and the Trump regime back.

They’re losing, Syria winning with considerable Russian air support.

Instead of cutting his losses and focusing on internal affairs, along with avoiding a rupture in relations with reliable ally Russia, Erdogan threatened to create a greater quagmire for himself and his military in Syria.

It’s a battle he can’t win because Moscow is committed to Syria’s liberating struggle.

He also doesn’t want to lose a valued ally in Moscow.

It doesn’t mean he’ll call it quits and back off from supporting jihadists in Syria any time soon if at all, nor end his revanchist aims.

It does mean that when he’s convinced he’s waging a losing battle, he’ll choose another option, hopefully for regional peace over endless war.

At the same time, he’s a tyrant who’s unpredictable and can’t be trusted, a handful for any foreign leader to deal with.

The same goes for ordinary Turks, forced to put up with his hardline rule.

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