Posted by Jason O'Connor Posted on 26 February 2020

A Declaration of War

For all intents and purposes a declaration of war has been declared by the elite on the masses. We live under constant attack on all fronts and many don’t even realise what is going on as they are too preoccupied with their online presence and getting likes .

How has this happened ?

How is it that the masses have had not only the wool pulled over their eyes by the elite but in many ways have welcomed it ?

We are all being attacked on every conservable aspect of what one should call a normal life. The food that you eat is poisoned with chemicals either in the packaging or the food production itself, the water you drink is full of fluoride, even the air you breath has had chemicals sprayed into it in the form of chem trails.

This is all done by the elite in an effort to reduce the population down to a figure that is more easily ruled and controlled. They want to bring the 6.5 billion souls who currently inhabit this planet of ours down to around 500,000. So that means getting rid of around 6 billion people.
Which means if you’re not one of the elite or their cronies then you are inline to be removed.

The attacks on the masses come in many forms, not just the food, air and water, although you would have thought that would have been enough. No they want to expedite the process and have us all die much earlier.
This is why they are so intent on rolling out 5G as quickly as they can and putting 5G transmitters every hundred metres on every street in every town in virtually every country on the whole planet.

Then just in case they missed an area they are launching thousands of satellites to beam 5G down from space.
There will be no where to run to and no place to hide once this starts. People will be fried by the millions, the human body is not made to withstand that amount of radiation and survive, we are not robots we are humans made of flesh and blood. But hey before you die you will be able to download movies much faster and computers and AI will be able to operate at top speed, but then if you’re dead from radiation what good are faster downloads.

The elite want to replace you with AI drones, you don’t need to feed a drone, it doesn’t get sick so the massive increase in radiation wont bother it at all.  It takes orders and it doesn’t sleep, its just simply is programmed to do its masters bidding, whereas humans don’t operate the same way. Humans question, its in their nature and the elites don’t want questions they want total compliance.

As a pre run to the release of 5G for the past few years the elite are broadcasting a sound frequency around the planet . This frequency is like a ringing in your ears that gets louder as you get nearer to a transmitter or phone mast tower. This frequency is designed to slowly break down the soft tissue of the human body and leave it open to bacterial infection or a virus that they just happen to release on to the world. Hey has not that just happened?
With all the other noises that there are in so called modern life it takes pure peace and quiet to be able to hear this sound frequency. I have found that by wrapping myself in a box covered on all sides with a mylar blanket totally stops this sound frequency. But you cant live life wrapped in one of these blankets and pretty soon not only this sound but the radiation of 5G will be hitting nearly every soul on the planet.

I say nearly every soul because the elite have a region on this earth that they refuse to have 5G in, in fact they don’t even allow 4G to be broadcast there. Funny isn’t it the very people who created this sound frequency as a crowd control weapon don’t want it used as a communication frequency in their own back yard. Why do you think that is ?

Do you think it has something to do with them not wanting to get ill and die from its effects!

Does it have something to do with them believing they are the chosen ones and therefore they cant get ill, not like the rest of the cattle.
It has always been said that within a society you are not allowed to criticise your masters, so to find out who your masters are look for the ones who you are not allowed to speak against, look for the ones who control everything from banking to media, from silicone valley to Hollywood.

Look for the ones who distort history for their own gain and profit, look for the ones who want to make you swear an allegiance to their state even if you don’t or have never even lived there,  look for the ones who create a religion as a state  and a state as a religion and you will find your masters.

These elite masters have been running the planet your thousands of years through their so called royal tribal blood lines. They have infiltrated and infected millions of businesses, banks, governments and institutions all over the world with one plan in mind, to take over the planet and control all the people on it.

Their end game is a cross between George Orwell’s 1984 and a zombie apocalypse, with them and their cronies as the only survivors, but we the masses can not let this happen. We have to write our own history, a true history not a wet dream written by them in their favour. We have to stand up and say NO, this is not what we the masses want as our future and the future for our children and our grandchildren.

We do not want to be a slave to their mass mind control system, sub-servant to their government lackies, police enforcers and pirate businesses. We are free humans, the true children of the light and as such we proclaim that the governments that we the people elected look out for our interests, not theirs.
We demand that these governments stop putting chemicals in our food, water and air and that 5G is stopped and the satellites put up in space to beam this frequency down onto all of us on this planet are taken down and destroyed. We demand proper healthcare for all with an end to the vaccine culture that is financed and pushed by the elite. We demand that the banking institutions of the world along with the religious institutions distribute the wealth they have hoarded over thousands of years to the people so that not one single person should ever have to live in poverty again.

And we demand an end to the wars on our planet, the religious as well as the political and an end to the relentless war munition machines that keeps producing armaments for the sole purpose of killing. All life is precious and none should ever be taken by another.

We have to realise that we the masses have a population advantage over the elite, if we as a whole made a declaration of war on them it is they who would be quaking in their boots. So now is the time for the masses to fully awaken to the war that’s being waged upon them, stand up as one and say NO MORE. Throw away your smart phone, your AI infiltrated appliances and stop the roll out of 5G before its to late.

Remember you are a true human and being of vast spiritual dimensions filled with the love and light of the universe, not some Ai drone of the elite. You are stronger than that, you are better than that , you are one of Gods children of the light. ….Remember! …feel it in your heart…

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