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Study: Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Memory Damage In Teens

American federal scientists have reduced their exposure to cell phone radiation because of research.  Studies have determined more than increased cancer risk.  Research has also determined that cell phone radiation disrupts the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak.

American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have warned that children are more vulnerable to exposure because they are smaller and their skulls are thinner.  In fact, no “safe” level of wireless radiation has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.  Even though tech insiders have been limiting their own kids’ use of phones for many years, most parents don’t know about any of the above.  Otherwise they probably wouldn’t let their kids keep their phones near them 24/7 including near their beds.

Now more research has determined that cell phone radiation can cause memory damage – this time in teens.  From Environmental Health Trust:

Study finds mobile (cell) phone radiation affects memory performance in adolescents

Cancer is not the only health effect from cell phones documented in the published  literature.

A replication study by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute found one year of mobile phone linked to memory damage in teenagers. Specifically the teens that used the phone against one side of their head scored more poorly on tests that measured memory  skills specific to the brain regions getting the highest exposure.

  • This is a replication study with double sample size confirming prior results from 2015 study.
  • Higher cumulative RF-EMF brain exposure from mobile phone use over one year was associated with figural memory performance in adolescents.
  • Figural memory is mainly located in the right brain hemisphere and association with RF-EMF was more pronounced in adolescents using the mobile phone on the right side of the head. “This may suggest that indeed RF-EMF absorbed by the brain is responsible for the observed associations.” said Martin Röösli, Head of Environmental Exposures and Health at Swiss TPH.
  • Objectively collected mobile phone user data from mobile phone operators was used.’

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