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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

In addition to being an quality that people immediately notice, the condition of your teeth, whether they are well maintained or not, says a lot about you. Having a well-cared dentition is super important not only for social life but for your overall health as well. Unfortunately, whether we want to or not we live in a society of appearances. And keeping your teeth healthy can open many more doors for you, both professionally and in your social life. But not only that, having a healthy smile can greatly improving self-esteem, leaving you a much more confident and happy person.

Oral Health

Caring for your teeth and mouth goes far beyond aesthetics. Taking care of your oral health is actually taking care of your overall health. 

Many people end up putting aside oral hygiene and not giving it the importance it deserves. In addition to unpleasant problems such as bad breath, gingivitis, minor bleeding, tooth decay and yellowed teeth, the human mouth can be a gateway for bacteria and the person may become ill or in more serious cases lead to death. 

It is always good to keep in mind that teeth are not just isolated bones in the mouth. They interact and connect with the rest of the body as a whole, therefore, a healthy mouth results in a healthy person, so take good care of them!

The importance of teeth

Teeth don’t just serve to make your smile more beautiful. They are extremely important for the proper functioning of our bodies. 

Among its function are, the chewing of solid foods that we eat, without them we cannot properly grind the foods, making it impossible to ingest these foods or digest them. 

Teeth also play a very important role in our speech and how we articulate words. Without them, our diction is completely affected, making it very difficult for others to understand what we are talking about, in some cases requiring monitoring by a speech therapist.

What is a Dental Implant?

The Dental Implant is a surgical process where a structure made of titanium, zirconia or ceramic, imitating a tooth root, is inserted into the jaw bone below the gum, allowing the dentist to place replacement teeth in these structures. 

Some people do not have a good bone structure suitable for these implants, in these cases, they require a bone graft before. Each case is unique and should be analyzed by a specialist. 

There are three different types of Dental Implants, but the most recommended is the Integrated Bone Implant.

– Integrated Bone Implant: The prosthesis is implanted directly into the maxillary bone.
– Prosthesis Protocol: This prosthesis guarantees good aesthetics, perfect for those who want to escape from dentures, it is fixed on 4 to 8 implants on average.
– Overdenture Prosthesis: Total removable prosthesis on implant, made of resin. It is the cheapest option.

A phenomenon in Costa Rica

We already know that dental implants can help you improve your social and professional and your overall health by properly replacing any missing teeth. 

However, dental implants are not cheap, especially not in the US or Canada. Thankfully, there are countries like Costa Rica that offer dental procedures to Americans and Canadians at a much lower cost. Patients can save about 50% when having a dental procedure done in Costa Rica.  

Getting dental implants in Costa Rica has been one of the best options for Americans and Canadians. Not only because of their excellent health system and dental services, but also because of their beautiful country. 

Patients can take advantage of Costa Rica’s beauties and combine their dental trip with much needed vacations.  

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