Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 25 February 2020

Male Nurses on the Rise

As the population of the United States ages and demands on the healthcare industry steadily increase, nursing remains one of the fasting growing and in-demand fields in the country. Meeting the healthcare needs of the nation is also changing the face of the nursing profession, which, historically, was almost exclusively female for generations. Times are changing, though, as more and more men join women on the frontlines of allied healthcare to serve legions of patients. Companies that supply nurses and medical assistants are also showing signs of change as they expand their offerings of products like men’s jogger scrubs and footwear designed specifically for men. 

As the demand for more healthcare workers than ever before increases, men have been welcomed with open arms into the nursing profession. Male college students are being encouraged to explore nursing and allied health majors, often with added incentives such as scholarships, student loan forgiveness, and educational grants to sweeten the deal. Like women, male nurses also frequently enjoy signing bonuses when they are hired, as well as additional education subsidies. In addition to providing knowledgeable and compassionate care, male nurses also bring added perspective to the profession. 

Male nurses have also shown a particular affinity for certain specialties within the nursing field. Men often gravitate to exciting areas of practice that include emergency room and trauma nursing, surgery, and flight medicine. These specialties have been known to attract military veterans transitioning into new careers as well as former emergency services workers. Lucrative positions such as nurse anesthetist have also seen a sharp increase in male practitioners, with men numbering almost half of all nurse anesthetists in some states. Among both men and women, these specialties attract thrill-seekers searching for well-compensated and satisfying professions that are known to have a touch of drama. 


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