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Some Important Things To Know About WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp launched its dedicated app for businesses named “WhatsApp Business” in 2018. That was done to facilitate businesses in communication with their customers.

What Exactly Is This App?

WhatsApp business is specifically launched to target all business owners. It allows the business owners to seamlessly interact with their customers and to respond to their queries instantly. Once you’re signed up to WhatsApp business, you will have access to various tools that can be used to make your business communication very easy, prompt, and increase your availability globally.

How Can WhatsApp Business Be Used?

Any type of business can and should use WhatsApp business as a communication channel. You can get in contact with your potential and existing customers with the help of the business version of WhatsApp. Additionally, the app can also be used by businesses to announce their products release and update clients with new arrivals or discounts.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business App

Here are some of the most considerable benefits of using WhatsApp business for your businesses.

  • A dedicated app for business connections.
  • Business profile can give them an edge in the market.
  • Auto messages can be used to instantly reply to the queries.
  • Businesses and customers can enjoy a secure way of communication.
  • Your business can be promoted with direct marketing.

Using WhatsApp Business

There are many features of WhatsApp business that you can benefit from and take your business to the next level of customer communications.

Business Profile

You can create a specific business profile with your company logo and put some useful information for the customers to read, this will strengthen your brand image and drive more loyalty.

Greeting Messages

You can use greeting messages to welcome the customers when they get in contact with you. Away messages can also be used when you’re offline, and the top of the cream – WhatsApp AI-Powered chatbot which can resolve the majority of customer interactions within your business.

Additional Statistics

These statistics allows you to see the stats about messages. You can easily see how much messages were read, sent and delivered.

Automatic Responses

Automatic responses allow the business to set up and use away messages when they’re offline and unavailable. This let’s your customers know that the business is unable to reply to the customers right on time. Also, you can add a timeframe in which you’ll be able to contact the customer.

Timely Replies

Quick replies can be used to quickly respond to the queries of the customers when they send you the first message. For example, you can incorporate your inventory in a message and present that to your customer when they message you. This helps you cut the time considerably by allowing the customers to take their time and select the item they want before you contact them.


You can label all of your customers differently to sort them with the help of a WhatsApp business account. The labels make it easier for you to remember the customers easily.

Although WhatsApp business can benefit you a lot, you should keep in your mind that WhatsApp business is a completely different thing from your personal account. You can use the WhatsApp business button on your Facebook page or website to allow the customers to contact you directly.

Look into the Future of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp announced that now business profiles can also use emojis, create inside employees’ groups, and send and receive stickers. 

The increasing use of the world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp is helping the world of customer experience to become much more important and undeniable. With so many features yet to come it is highly recommended to use the WhatsApp business API which can help your business scale messaging in high volume.


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