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Top 10 significant reasons to get a PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 Certification, that is, Projects in Controlled Environments. Version 2 is one of the most popular Project Management Certifications across the world. Though the UK government initially started it, its success has pushed the government to scale it for other fields. Undoubtedly, various project management methods can be implemented within an organization. However, PRINCE2 Certification is one of the popular, respectful, and successful in managing different projects efficiently. PRINCE2 is a process-based project method that helps to manage the project effectively. 

General types of PRINCE2 Certification

  • PRINCE2 Foundation: The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is the initial certification process of the PRINCE2 series. Throughout this level, professionals will get a chance to learn the PRINCE2 methodology, so it becomes easy to work effectively. Within PRINCE2 Foundation Certification exam, the candidates will map the relationship between deliverables, processes, and roles of the stakeholders. The professionals will get a chance to know what are the major management products and their uses as well.
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner: This exam is for those who are already managing projects. It aims to teach you how to apply the principles of PRINCE2 to real-life situations. This certificate is relevant for all participants who want to improve their understanding of project management. In this, you will understand the relationship between the themes, processes, and principles.
  • PRINCE2 Agile: It is a single-tier Practitioner certification. It aims to train the participants in agile applications and its principles. It makes it different from other categories. 

Best reasons to go for PRINCE2 Certification

  1. It becomes easy to start

While choosing a certification, it is necessary to consider the costs, time commitment, and the disruption involved with other areas of professional life. PRINCE2 Certification offers the great advantage that you can start easily by preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. It means that you can do a project management certification without spending huge time in training. In addition to it, with the PRINCE2 Certification, you will get an overview of what to expect with PRINCE2 Practitioner certification. It makes the early phase of launching a Certification career in project management significantly easier.


  • Boost up your career: 


Undoubtedly, PRINCE2 Certification is recognized globally. PRINCE2 Certification is highly developed in the public IT sector and is a critical project management standard. Many private, public, and government sectors are using PRINCE2 all over the world. The popularity of PRINCE2 Certification is growing around the world. Therefore, PRINCE2 Certification gives you a great option to take on the project intentionally. 


  • Promote confidence: 


It is vital to have a defined and outlined organizational structure for any organization. PRINCE2 ensures that every member working on the project knows exactly when to do a project or what to do with it. It guarantees that you will not have any confusion regarding team responsibilities. It will enhance the confidence level among you. It helps you to search for a better option along with the best career opportunities. 


  • Add value to the project: 


By adding PRINCE2 training to an existing certificate of project management may seem to be redundant. However, it can get tailored to the exact needs of the project that makes it useful. The knowledge gained or the gained experience in the desired field can be enhanced by the correct PRINCE2 methodology. Along with it, you will get the ability to use PRINCE2 with the added convenience of managing projects. It gives you the chance to monitor the project. Even you can easily rectify the issues that may occur during the project stage. 


  • Enhance your project management skills: 


By getting PRINCE2 Certification, the professional gets a chance to learn practical project management skills. You will learn the terminology, common systems, framework, methodology, and procedures used by project managers. You will learn all the effective skills needed to successfully initiate, plan, manage, monitor, and execute projects. Generally, PRINCE2 certified professionals follow a proper methodology that includes knowledge of best practices. 


  • Help in becoming employed: 


It is an impossible task to find employment without certification on your CV. In today’s time, almost every organization demands a reputed resume, which highlights great qualifications, effective project management skills, and PRINCE2 Certification. The high reputation of PRINCE2 Certification helps any resume to stand out amongst rest. By achieving a PRINCE2 Certification, you can increase your chances to clear an interview, and you can gain better employment. 


  • Risk management:


PRINCE2 helps in breaking large projects into smaller ones. It helps you to manage every project at each stage with efficiency and high quality. At the end of every stage, you can easily identify the risks and review the project effectively. It helps you to enhance your performance by decreasing the level of risk. If any problem arises in project management, then project management has the chance to correct it. It increases the chances of getting success within an organization.


  • Quality of great practices:


During the management of the project, PRINCE2 uses a set of seven principles. By implementing such factors, you can ensure that the project follows the correct methodology of PRINCE2. Efficient project management helps in adding value to the reliability of the PRINCE2 methodology. Along with it, PRINCE2 ensures that your project is getting the best result at the end or throughout every stage of management. 


  •  Reduced costs and time: 


It can be a costly undertaking to create a project management method from scratch. Some projects require a fee to acquire a license for starting the project. However, PRINCE2 requires no payment to get a license fee and is completely free to use. Along with it, PRINCE2 will save on time spent for any organization implementing its methodology. Even if you are working on new projects or training programs, then you can go with PRINCE2 Certification methodology, which not only saves your cost but your money as well. 

  1. Project management by exception: 

The PRINCE2 methodology of project management generally operates systematically. A project indeed has high chances of getting successful if it gets broken down into smaller plus manageable stages. PRINCE2 believes that when every member of the team is aware of their responsibilities, then the project will get success. As a result, projects implemented with PRINCE2 tend to have a higher success rate as compared with others. 


Companies can be subject to change throughout the life of the current project. PRINCE2 ensures regular project reviews that get carried out to review the continued viability of the project. Along with it, PRINCE2 Certification ensures the robust change to exist within process management. It can be used for various types of projects of any shape as well as size.


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