Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 22 February 2020

Mainstream Propaganda Drowns Out Truth-Telling on All US Wars of Aggression

US/Western truth-telling war correspondents long ago disappeared from the landscape — replaced by press agents for power and privilege.

Featuring fiction over facts in their reporting, wars of aggression are called liberating ones, humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect, and democracy building — reality turned on its head.

Sanitized rubbish substitutes for all the news that’s fit to print, what’s most important to report suppressed.

Manipulating the public mind is standard operating procedure, news consumers misinformed and disinformed, especially when the US goes to war — always against a nonbelligerent nation, never a threatening one.

Nine years of manufactured fiction about US war in Syria continues with no letup — notably when government forces advance against US supported jihadists like what’s going on now.

Anyone not following reliable independent sources, largely online, has no idea about reality on the ground in Syria.

Establishment media reports are some of the most deplorable in memory — all state-approved propaganda all the time, hard truths absent.

The NYT and other Western media consistently blame Russia and Syria for high crimes of war and against humanity committed by the US, its imperial partners, and cutthroat killer jihadists they support, deploying them as proxy troops to areas where the Pentagon and CIA want them used.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post defied reality, calling terrorist-infested Idlib province, Syria a safe haven for civilians.

It falsely reported clashes between Russian and Turkish forces.

Syrian and Russian forces are combatting US/Turkish supported jihadists in Idlib.

Turkish troops operating with these elements are in harm’s way, casualties occurring when Syrian and Russian forces respond to their aggression.

The UN’s Mark Lowcock sounds more like a pro-Western propagandist than world body humanitarian affairs coordinator with remarks like:

“If this goes on, Idlib will become the world’s biggest pile of rubble, strewn with the corpses of a million children” — ignoring Syria’s liberating struggle against jihadists supported by the US, NATO, Turkey, Israel and the Saudis.

In print and on daily broadcasts, Al Jazeera’s reports on Syria read and sound like Pentagon/CIA press releases — falsely blaming Syria and Russia for over 90% of Idlib casualties, a bald-faced Big Lie, quoting UN human rights high commission Michele Bachelet’s disinformation.

Her spokesman Rupert Colville repeated the same rubbish, along with falsely accusing Syrian and Russian forces of bombing “hospitals, medical facilities and schools.”

Because of their liberating campaign, countless thousands of Idlib civilians held hostage as human shields by US/Turkish supported jihadists are now free, grateful to Syrian forces for liberating them from captivity — what establishment media and the UN suppress.

Yet Al Jazeera propaganda falsely called Syria’s liberating campaign in Idlib a “death sentence” for its residents.

A separate AJ report called aggression by Turkey and jihadists it supports an effort to “establish peace and manage humanitarian aid operations” — polar opposite what’s going on.

What AJ calls “pro-Turkish fighters” are cutthroat killer al-Nusra and likeminded terrorists — supported by the US, NATO, Israel and the Saudis as well.

Calls for an Idlib ceasefire by the Trump and Erdogan regimes, their imperial partners, the UN, and supportive establishment media are all about wanting Syria’s liberating campaign undermined.

UK owned and controlled BBC reports on Syria are just as dismal —  all propaganda all the time, supporting US-led aggression over the nation’s liberating struggle.

London’s Guardian matches its rubbish with a steady stream of disinformation reports on Idlib, falsely blaming Russian and Syrian forces for harming civilians in the province their campaign is liberating.

When the US goes to war, truth-telling is the first casualty, state-approved propaganda replacing it.

John Pilger earlier called journalism “the first casualty,” adding:

“Not only that: it has become a weapon of war, a virulent censorship (and willful misreporting) that goes unrecognized in the United States, Britain and (elsewhere in the West); censorship by omission, whose power is such that, in war, it can mean the difference between life and death for people in faraway countries…”

All wars are based on Big Lies and deception, including language about them.

Obama’s war in Syria, now Trump’s, is called “civil war,” despite nothing remotely “civil” about preemptive aggression against a nation threatening no one.

Cutthroat killer terrorists are called rebels, opposition forces, the moderate opposition, and other misleading designations.

All belligerent anti-government forces in Syria are jihadists, largely imported from scores of countries.

Legitimate political opposition in Syria is nonbelligerent, their proponents supporting the country’s liberating struggle.

Nowhere near resolution, it has miles to go because of US rage for regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing Syria’s sovereign independence, the US gaining another client state.

That’s what its aggression in Syria is all about, along with serving Israeli interests and isolating Iran regionally.

All US wars of aggression since WW II ended failed. Yet multiple ones rage post-9/11.

Monied interests benefit exclusively at the expense of world peace, the public welfare, the rule of law, and a nation fit to live that exists only for its privileged class, no others.

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