Posted by Douglas Jack Posted on 21 February 2020

The Wonders of Modern Evil

We have come a long way from caves and campfires to splitting the atom and at some point we will have no choice but to look back and ask; “What the hell went wrong?” I am starting to understand a few things as I get older and one of those being, things will change whether you want it to or not. The other more important understanding is that some things should never change, like the value of a person’s life and their precious time to experience it or the basic biology of male and female, for a few examples.

There are currently advancements in technology that I doubt most of us are aware of or that it is used in our everyday smart devices. I am specifically talking about QAM or Quantum Amplitude Magnification and NO ONE is talking about this, I really had to dig to find it along with all the technical data and of course once you know what you’re looking for online then it gets easier to find. This QAM is the platform in use now, that allows for mass data transfer over a wireless network and it may not seem like a big deal until you actually look at what it is. Most of us have a basic concept of digital communication; a signal is generated or a pulse and it is sent down the wire and you get a translated message at the other end. In QAM the data signal is represented four dimensionally and this is where it can get confusing due to the technical explanation of how it all works but it works obviously or your phone would be in a yard sale or the garbage bin.

The first and most import issue to know, is what is legally required on every cell phone or tablet and that is hidden in your phone settings under Phone > About > Legal > Exposure. If you read this it will tell you that if at any time you hold the device to your head during a call, the phone will exceed set safety guidelines; I had no idea. Which brings us to the wireless side of this issue and we will tie this into the QAM issue later on but for now it is 5G and 6G. By the way, the “G” stands for Generation and not Gigahertz, the actual frequencies for 5 & 6G are on the top end of the Gigahertz and bottom end of the Terahertz frequencies, now once you get into the THz range this causes huge damage to DNA and all DNA not just human. All the testing so far has shown that 5G at high power signal generation, has a very serious effects on pretty much everything within 500m; check mass bird deaths or whale beaching’s to testing dates for VHF 5G testing in both marine and land based areas. You might be surprised or horrified at what you will find, if you can still find it.

It just so happens that in the last 5 -8 years, there have been an incredible amount of study cases done on the increasing number of reports concerning tumours or growths, appearing in areas where people keep a cell phone; as in the pocket or bra areas. It also just happens to be 100% preventable; if the first thing people received was a warning about how to use them safely, instead you have to be a tech expert just to find it on your phone, then these would be rare cases. This also proves that knowledge saves lives but not the profit margin and really, if profit is all we care about we will be the cause of our own extinction. We should probably back up a bit and ask “why are those frequencies so dangerous?” Aside from unusual tumours, the real problem is in how DNA is constructed; it is chemically strong, not physically strong. The best way to describe DNA is with the age old question “how do you make a 3D object out of two straight lines?” and of course the answer is to twist the two around each other, giving you a 3D object. The advantage is an unlimited amount of information or coding storage, the disadvantage is that any frequencies that has a small enough signal wave can penetrate the DNA structure and resonate between the strands; thus causing a swelling or bubbling between the two strands and destroys the bonds holding it all together.  

It would seem ridiculous that any company would go forward with advancing technology they know is not safe to use, then again it seems ridiculous that a woman can call herself a man and then marry the family cat and that has actually happened. So then why push 5G or 6G? Do you know how hard it is to send and receive data through tissue, fluid and bone? Well it is not easy, in fact the frequencies have to be jacked up to do that and why is any of this important? It is important because the industry as a whole is frantically trying to reorganise society and commerce into one being. You simply can’t take a cell phone and stuff it into a person, they will die. The technology required to build a wireless network inside of a live person has been done at the atomic or cellular level and you would probably never guess how and who funded these advancements. It was done using Viruses and the number one funder of this globally is none other than the Gates Foundation and its subsidiaries; Microsoft! The real kicker here is 90% of this was DARPA research and China has taken that to the next level and produced the ground test data and just very recently. We will get to QAM and how all this ties together but first we need to look at China.

Let’s just stick to the facts we all know:

Fact; China’s population has been increasingly demanding Western Democracy and goods.

Fact; China’s number one export is cheap labour and manufacturing.

Fact; China has the largest elderly population that they cannot afford because of cultural abandonment; the One Child policy puts all elderly financial burden on one instead of many.

Fact; The Corona virus started two blocks from a level 4 Bio lab that had an “emergency” venting.

Fact; Not even 8 months ago a scenario was played out by the CDC and WHO called Event 201 concerning a global viral spread of Corona.

Fact; 8 months ago the Gates Foundation gave a $9 million dollar trust to Inovio for Corona vaccine development, same company with ties to DARPA.

Fact; China is the number one nation that is becoming a cashless society and pushing the consumer retail industry into a touchless data collection and data control centre.

Fact; China is the worst nation for human rights standards and violations.

Fact: The “hopeful” Corona vaccine is a RNA based vaccine which is designed to turn the patient into a host to create antibodies but it has an almost 100% fatality rate. Symptoms are massive internal bleeding and chest hemorrhaging in a short time, all results are from China.

Fact; The virus nCoV2019 has four artificial vectors in the RNA sequence and in each vector is an

 HIV-1 replicator gene, that’s not an accident.

China through its political regime has created two very unique opportunities, one being that they have no human rights standards and the other being sheer numbers in population. They have the perfect testing grounds for agendas and implementation strategies that have adverse effects on the people and no one country will get involved because they produce 75% of the world’s goods and buy 100% of the unethical coals and other resources from countries who are glad to sell it. It is probably no coincidence that China just signed major trade deals just before that outbreak that would see more food products and raw materials than ever flow into the country. The Corona virus outbreak in China has created the opportunity to dump its fiat currency for digital or Block-chain currency and put so much pressure on the people through food and energy shortages, that they will gladly accept the government’s terms and conditions without question, along with a whole new currency system. One of the best things any of us can do is to understand the difference between physical currency and digital currency has everything to do with what you can do with it. With physical money we can barter or trade, or buy things privately without paying taxes on it, or we can put it in a safe place and keep it out of the system.  With digital money you can’t do any of those things because all transactions are centralized and you will pay all taxes plus fees regardless.

This brings us back to how all this relates to QAM, which in its simplest definition is the geometry of how to transmit mass amounts of data very quickly over a wireless network. It seems like overkill to use high density wireless communications to transfer data from a sale at a store for instance and you would be right, assuming your using a card or something external. QAM is the framework or foundation that allows huge groups of instructions to be given over a very large area, how large are these groups of instructions? The RNA and DNA sequencing protocol and assembly instructions kind of huge, now this might sound like random theory so let’s put all of it together and remember the goal is to combine commerce and citizen into one, with zero external data dependencies. 

It doesn’t matter what flavour of science fiction or non-fiction you are into, there is only one way to introduce intelligent artificial material into a human and that is through a virus, I know this because that’s exactly how it’s being done. It takes a series of injections of Nano materials and bots to establish a unique genetic reproduction of new cells that can now be programed and once enough cells have been created they can form complex structures in any part of the body, like the cerebral cortex and visual or audio cortex’s, that can send and receive information via QAM of what we are seeing or hearing or feeling and all uploaded to a consumer index that will ship your Prozac or whatever right to your door before you even asked for it. All paid instantly of course through the same biotech that created its own hard drive inside of you and turned you into wireless antennae so you now have all your info, programmed right into your own existence.

Now if you really look at the Corona virus it is the ideal bioweapon; it has a high transmission rate with a high mortality rate for the elderly or sick and has a low overall mortality rate with almost zero rate for children/infants but most importantly, it’s curable. It also creates the perfect condition for forced vaccines due to the outrageous cover up of relevant and important information made available to the public, so in a created social panic it would be very easy to get people to accept vaccines and of course let us not forget industries greatest theme; “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to beg for permission” so you have to ask what the hell is in that so called vaccine.

There is always the argument that this is all just fantastic conspiracy theory, or it is just the rantings of a disgruntled citizen and in some cases this is true, in this case I would suggest looking at what is actually happening as a metric of truth of things. Everything that was brought up in this article is based on what is currently being developed and used everything from QAM to viral biotech can all be verified. The UN has written on its own web page that the perfect future citizen is a global digital citizen and it has come up with several agendas to make that happen. So what is the answer? I think we all have the answer built in our desire for morality and justice, without these two standards we have no personal metric and anything is possible or acceptable. That is a recipe for pure chaos.

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