Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 21 February 2020

Were humans created to mine gold for aliens? It’s possible.

Roger Mallett

Maybe we were placed here to collect materials for our creator. Well, kind of. How strange this would be, yet, it would answer a multitude of questions.

No matter how much you learn, you‘re still often left wondering about your existence. “Where did we come from?”, “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?” – these are a few questions I’m sure we’ve asked ourselves from time to time.

Whether you believe in God or evolution, or a combination of both, you will still be left with scenarios, options and ideas. The idea that humanity was used as slaves, however, gives us insight on an unusual aspect of the origin of man. This idea makes as much sense or more than spirituality.

“The secret knowledge”, according to the Illuminati, is the story of creation. According to this belief, the Annunaki, an alien race from the planet, Nubira, arrived on earth in 6000 BC. These beings wished to create a race of slaves to mine gold from the earth. The reason – to repair the ozone layer of their home planet.

According to NASA, gold would indeed be a sufficient way to repair our own ozone layer. The story, or account, of aliens being our masters, can be seen on ancient Sumerian tablets.

Zechariah Sitchin, along with other researchers, says that the Annunaki bred human slaves. The Hebrews called this slave race, Adamu, or in English, “Earthlings”. These slaves were a part of a Mesopotamian colony called E.DIN. Hmmm, does any of this sound familiar?

These slaves, led by the Annunaki leader, Nazi, travelled the world to mine gold. No wonder that scientists have found mining operations which go back hundreds of thousands of years ago, in areas such as Africa and South America.

This idea serves well with explaining the holes in anthropological and evolutionary theories, as well. It may also explain the Great Pyramids and Nazca lines in Peru. It would make sense to say that the Adamites became slaves to the Annunaki race.

What If Humans Were Created to Mine Gold for Aliens?

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