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The Fascist History of Tiny Tyrant Michael Bloomberg

‘Short Person Syndrome is indeed real. To compensate for their height, or lack thereof, some short people — especially men — look to become authority figures to compensate: supervisors, hall monitors, security guards, soldiers, police officers, and politicians.

Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg is five feet, seven inches tall, and is so self-conscious about his height, he claimed to be five foot ten on a driver’s license. Oh, and he also became a fascist authoritarian; a tiny tyrant determined to control everyone else’s life.

Someone with an authoritarian streak is frightening enough in your everyday walk of life — as a family member, neighbor, or heaven forbid, a boss. A Tiny Tyrant is frightening enough as a mayor — say, a mayor of New York City. But in that case you can at least move to another city.

Now imagine a Tiny Tyrant as president of the United States.

You want to leave the country?

Like all left-wing tyrants — Stalin, Hitler, Mao — Michael Bloomberg arrives bursting with good intentions.

He only wants to help, you see.

He only wants to make the world a better place, you see.

He knows what’s best for you, and understands you’re either too stupid to know what’s best for you or too undisciplined to do what’s best for you, so he’s gonna take care of you by creating laws –lotsa, lotsa, lotsa, lotsa laws…’

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