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Is The “Coronavirus” Actually Microwave Illness from 4G and 5G Radiation?

‘Note – this article is a work-in-progress.  As new information comes to my attention, I will add it to the article if appropriate.

Dear friends – alot of information has been circulating around the internet regarding the alleged  “coronavirus pandemic” that started in China.

Alarmist headlines abound such as this one from Alex Jones’ Infowars:

“Computer Models Show 183 Million Infected by Coronavirus February 29”

and this one from Mike Adams of Natural News:

“Over the Last 7 Days, Coronavirus Infections Have Increased 1000%”

Top names in the health movement are scrambling to write articles about what we need to do to protect ourselves from this impending, life-threatening “virus” (see here and here).  And, right on queue, the World Health Organization has declared a “Global Coronavirus Pandemic” (well not really, but that does not stop people from posting sensationalist headlines about it!).  The United States, too, has publicly declared the coronavirus to be a “public health emergency.”

All of this has occurred in just a matter of days.

Based on the speed with which this terrible “virus” appears to be “spreading” around the Earth, it seems that now is an excellent time to take a few steps back to see if we can determine what in the world is actually going on here.

No doubt, the dark ones are gearing up to introduce yet another allegedly “life-saving” vaccine, and no doubt they are rubbing their hands together with glee, imagining that this latest “viral pandemic” will be the one that will finally enable them to mandate vaccines around the globe.

In fact, an article released on Jan 31, 2020, alerted us to the fact that “vaccine trials” for this “virus” are scheduled to begin in the U.S. in three months.  Miraculously the CDC already has diagnostic tests for this virus and “will start shipping out test kits to state and local public health partners in the coming days.”

Interestingly, the photo that appears at the top of the article just discussed speaks volumes about what might actually be going on.’

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