Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 February 2020

City Of Hampton Installs Solar Powered “Follow Me” Light Poles

What happens when a city receives complaints about unlit walking paths?

A typical response to a lack of lighting on walking paths usually means that most cities would add light poles so people could see where they are going. But as you will see, the City of Hampton, Virginia’s response was anything but typical.

When 13 News Now reported that Hampton was installing solar-powered light poles along walking paths, I said to myself – good, that is what the everyone expected. But then something caught my eye.

The light poles the city is installing are being used to monitor traffic and watch sea levels. And that is when I asked, how can light poles monitor traffic and sea levels unless they come equipped with CCTV cameras?

In the video below, 13 News Now interviewed Y.H. Thomas Park resident Carlos Thompson who explains why the city is installing surveillance light poles. Thompson said that with all the new home construction going on around the park, the city installed surveillance light poles to attract new home buyers.

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