Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 18 February 2020

Trump and Erdogan Regimes in Cahoots Against Syrian Sovereignty

While government forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, liberated most Syrian territory from US-supported terrorists, forever war launched by the Obama regime, escalated by Trump, rages.

For the US, it has nothing to do with combatting ISIS Washington created and supports, everything to do with gaining another imperial trophy, eliminating an Israeli rival, and isolating Iran, along with countering Russian and Chinese influence in the region.

On Sunday, Trump and Erdogan spoke by phone, plotting strategy against Russia’s involvement in combatting terrorists in Syria their regimes support.

Expressing concern about violence in Idlib, both leaders ignored their responsibility for creating charnel house conditions  by supporting al-Nusra and allied jihadists in the province — supplying them with heavy and other weapons, along with other material support.

Their discussion came against the backdrop of steadily advancing Syrian forces, reason for their concern.

On Monday, Southfront reported that government troops liberated 180 square km in western Aleppo province, calling their advance “a major blow” to US/Turkish supported jihadists.

Syrian forces secured control over northern Aleppo entirely close to Aleppo city’s center, liberating surrounding areas.

Sustaining heavy losses, US/Turkish supported terrorists fled to Idlib.

“A major celebration is now taking place in Aleppo city. The locals, who have been targeted by rockets and mortars from the city’s northern and northwestern outskirts for years, are taking to the streets to cheer for the Syrian military and its allies,” Southfront explained.

Similar celebrations occurred in Syrian towns and villages after government forces freed them, ending nightmarish captivity by jihadists who held them as human shields, terrorizing them with full support from the US and its imperial partners.

AMN News reported that Syrian forces are advancing toward Turkey’s illegally held Taftanaz airbase in northern Idlib, a Syrian army spokesman adding:

“It is the closest point to the airport in Taftanaz where the Turkish regime is located, as you see vehicles, monitoring and communication devices, as well as artillery that supports the (jihadists) against us during the past two days.”

Another Syrian military source said their forces were attacked by Turkey, adding:

“We are here in our land against any Turkish attack or others until the liberation of the last part of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

The battle to liberate Aleppo city is underway, a Syrian military source saying the entire city may be freed from jihadist control in 48 hours or less.

Together with Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad slammed the US, Turkey, and their allies involved in “defending terrorists who use civilians as live shields” against advancing government troops.

Larijani stressed that Iran continues to support Syria’s liberating struggle against hostile foreign invaders and their jihadist foot soldiers.

On Monday, the English-language edition of Turkey’s Daily Sabah reported that Syrian forces “seized most (jihadist held territory) in northwestern Aleppo province,” adding:

Russia and Turkey are on opposite sides of the conflict, their officials meeting in Moscow on Monday in another attempt to resolve irreconcilable differences.

In Idlib and surrounding areas, the US and Turkey support jihadists that Syrian and Russian forces are combatting, achieving significant advances.

On Saturday, Erdogan turned reality on its head, claiming resolution of conflict in Idlib depends on Damascus letting Turkish forces control northern Syrian territory.

With Russia controlling Idlib and Aleppo airspace, he’s unlikely to launch a large-scale offensive against Syrian forces he can’t win — what would further weaken Turkey’s fragile economy that’s struggling to recover from a severe recession.

Modest growth resumed after the country’s key construction sector plunged 7.8% in late 2019, according to government data. Manufacturing contracted as well.

The Trump regime is trying to take advantage of Russia and Turkey being on opposite sides in Syria.

Last week, Trump’s envoy for regime change in Syria James Jeffrey backed what he called Ankara’s “legitimate” interests in the Syrian Arab Republic, notably Idlib (sic), adding:

“We have very close geostrategic objectives with Turkey in” Syria.

Erdogan has a reliable ally in Moscow, polar opposite his relations with Washington, what his officials and the Kremlin understand.

At the same time, he’s playing both cards for whatever he can gain from both countries.

The Trump regime backs his aggression in Syria as long as it serves US interest.

Strongly against it, Moscow cut him a little slack to maintain good relations, notably by agreeing to an Idlib deescalation zone and Turkish observation posts in it — on condition that Ankara ally with Russia in combatting anti-government terrorists in the province and surrounding areas.

The agreement failed. The Erdogan regime supports jihadists it vowed to combat, supplying them with weapons, munitions and other material support, letting them use the deescalation zone as a platform to attack government troops and civilians.

Moscow strongly supports Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity, continuing to aid its liberating struggle by combatting US/Turkish supported terrorists.

Impasse between Russia and Turkey on Syria is unlikely to be resolved when their officials meet in Moscow on Monday and whatever follows their discussion.

In mid-March, endless Syria war will enter its 10th year with no resolution in prospect.

The same goes for all US preemptive wars launched post-9/11, opening the gates of hell for permanent US war on humanity — supported by both right wings of the one-party state.

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