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Citing Hostile ‘Bernie Bros’ Shadowy Group Launches Beat Bernie 2020 PAC (they don’t want Bloomberg or anything)

‘Ashadowy new PAC calling themselves the “Beat Bernie 2020” movement has launched what it calls a “massive grassroots fundraising haul” among citizens concerned that “Bernie Sanders is creating irreparable division on the left that will create significant difficulties for the Party’s eventual nominee.” The PAC claims that the Vermont senator is creating a “with us or against us” attitude, complaining there is now “no grey area in between to have a real dialogue,” – a strange complaint given that its only stated goal is to unequivocally prevent a Sanders nomination. The PAC alleges that Bernie has “no real explanation for how he will implement any of his proposed changes” and “he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing.”

The group claims that their motives are purely in good faith: “Democrats need to unite against Donald Trump,” it stated in a press release, arguing that the candidate must not be Sanders, as nearly half his supporters will not commit to voting blue no matter who. But if beating Trump was their only goal, then the obvious response would be to rally around Sanders as leader as losing that much support would doom the party to failure in November. Bernie has also built up a huge base of support from several key constituencies, winning the black, Hispanic, white working-class, poor, unionized, youth and independent vote in New Hampshire – a coalition diverse enough to carry the day against Trump. Indeed, virtually the only groups he has failed to win over are rich, older professionals, groups that tend to vote Republican in the general election.’

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