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Trudeau scraps overseas trip after pipeline protesters block US-Canada bridge amid ongoing rail shutdowns (VIDEO)

‘Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has cancelled his trip to Barbados after protests against a gas pipeline that crosses indigenous land escalated, leading to major rail disruptions and a brief stop of traffic at the US-Canada border.

The threat of transport paralyses, which has become increasingly real after protesters against British Columbia’s Coastal GasLink pipeline briefly shut down a key border crossing between the US and Canada on Sunday afternoon, forced Trudeau to call off his visit to Barbados, where he was supposed to drum up support for Canada’s UNSC bid on Monday.

The simmering conflict between the Wet’suwet’en nation and the central Canadian government, which have long locked horns over the gas pipeline that crosses the tribe’s territory in northern British Colombia, flared up after armed police swooped on a Wet’suwet’en camp on February 10, arresting activists for blocking construction works. Nearly 30 people were nabbed in the raid, prompting widespread protests across the country, which resulted in major rail disruptions, almost bringing traffic to a halt.

The situation took a turn for the worse on Sunday, when dozens of activists swarmed the Canadian side of the Rainbow International Bridge in Niagara Falls, making it impassable for those wanting to enter the US via the famous tourist attraction for about an hour. In their bid to block the road, protesters formed a circle around the entrance to the passageway.’

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