Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 16 February 2020

Mainstream Education encourages people to be Subservient to the System

By Roger Mallett

Basing ones beliefs firmly upon spirituality and branching out from there in a 3-D reality is challenging enough, but throwing in the ignorance of many intellectuals that have graduated from ‘the system’ challenges one to the core.  It’s no secret the egos from individuals that have paid for an expensive piece of paper from one of the plethora of establishment educational institutions are continuing to feed the matrix and cause world issues; but they continue to reward those with the unique ability to unabashedly follow orders given to them, while they memorise and agree with everything being taught to them as truth.

It’s not that a post-secondary diploma or degree isn’t necessary, because if one wants to work in one of their ‘vaunted’ corporations and ‘play the game’ they will need it to even be granted an interview; but it’s the fact that by the time the people have hit the work force they have essentially become programmable bots that rarely if ever challenge authority or get creative in their daily endeavours.  There are of course some exceptions, and they usually turn out to be great leaders if they can survive outside the system long enough, but for the most part folks that graduate from these organisations are great at mimicking their masters.


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