Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 February 2020

The war across the ‘political spectrum’ is ‘just infantile’

‘Writer and comedian Andrew Doyle says “a lot of people on the left are as sick as people on the right” when it comes to disproportional animosity between political activists.

Mr Doyle wrote a book from the point of view of his fictional Twitter persona Tatania McGrath who “embodies the worst excesses” of a “very intolerant brand of social justice activism” which he used to satirise those activists. He told the Outsiders’ hosts “it is the extremes on both sides that insist on characterizing the other side of the argument and demonizing the other side of the argument and guessing what the other people are secretly thinking” which is “just infantile”.

He said, “there needs to be alliances from sensible, free-thinking people across the political spectrum to unite and stand up against these woke bullies”. “That is what they are effectively, they completely attack and demonise people they don’t agree within the most vicious, appalling way and yet they claim they are doing it in the name of tolerance and compassion.”

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