Posted by Jason O'Connor Posted on 13 February 2020

The Energy of Vibration and the Power of Frequency Control

Everything in the universe is made up of energy that vibrates to a certain frequency, depending on the item in question the frequency it vibrates at may be high or low. This follows not only with solid items but numbers, words and symbols as well, in fact anything that is written, drawn or created has a certain vibrational frequency.

Colour has a certain vibrational frequency, some colours like white are high vibrational , while others like black hold a low vibrational frequency. The spectrum of light is the mechanism in which we can view the vibrational frequency of colours, from this spectrum we get the rainbow of colours that make up full visible light on our earth plain.

All action has a vibrational frequency, everything you say and do holds immense vibrational energy, then this frequency is amplified by the intent of either the love or the hate you put into whatever it is your doing. This is not some hypothetical theory this is very real and the basis of true magic having been used over the centuries by the elite to control the masses and use their own power and energy against them.

This is something that should be taught to every child in all schools around the world but it is considered secret sacred knowledge only for the use of the few not the masses. The elite know this and use it to their advantage in all of their dealings with the masses.

This is how they control you, this is how a few can manipulate the masses to do their bidding.

Remember the elite are liars, deceivers and masters of manipulation. When they tell you one thing it always means the opposite, misdirection is their middle name. But like in any game you need to know the rules and how they apply to you. Once you understand the rules learn how you can break them and make them work for you, just as the elite do.

If you look at how words actually work, every word has a specific frequency and is used to convey that frequency in writing or conversation. When words are used in a sentence the collective energy is combined together making the frequency of what is said even stronger.

So when the elite manipulate the language through social trends to change the perceived meaning of a word to the total opposite you can see how it all works. Take the word wicked which the dictionary defines as morally bad in principle or practice, but this same word has been twisted to mean good, great or clever. In other words the vibrational frequency of the word wicked is very low regardless of what context you are using it in. Wicked is just one word that has had its original meaning twisted, but there are many now in daily use around the world, pushing low vibrations to the masses.

Low vibrational frequencies attack and lower your natural state of being from the high vibrational children of the light, which humans naturally are, to a subservient slave to the system of control created by the elite. This happens by the lower denser frequencies blocking out the higher lighter ones , creating a blanket of confusion within your being which leads to physical depression, emotional disorder and spiritual detachment, leaving you open to being controlled.

But the approach of the elite is not just a single attack on your energies, it’s a multi pronged approach that covers all aspects of the energy around and within you. They promote through their fashion industries and media outlets for you to dress in the darkest lowest vibration colour ….black, because it makes you look thinner and therefore happier about yourself….Can you see the manipulation….

They target you with their negative symbols and logos on goods and services promoted as being beneficial for you. They use the power of numbers to increase these low frequencies by hijacking high vibrational days to perform their ceremonies , thus piggy backing their negative low vibrations onto a high energy day.

The best example of this is the hijacking of the master frequency number 11 with Remembrance Day, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month they focus their energies at so called cenotaph war memorials all over the world , which act like giant acupuncture needles going into the earths energy meridians. These cenotaphs are all built on junctions of these ancient energy lines, so all energy focused there will flow deep into the earth and out into its population.

At these ceremonies the elites dress in the lowest vibrational colour of black and focus all their energies and the collective energies of the unwilted masses into the earth, thus creating a massive negative energy surge into the planet, under the guise of pretending to care about remembering those who fell in battle for them.

The elite do not care one little bit for you, other than the fuel of negative energy which you are manipulated to supply for them . They are the leaches and the vampires who will suck the very life energy from your soul , and then look for more. Don’t be deceived …….

The time is coming when their guards will slip and people will see who and what they really are, but until that day you have to make a stand and take back your own energy and starve them of the negative energy supply that they need to survive.

Wear the colour red, as this is the high vibrational colour of protection, its meaning has been totally twisted to the opposite by the elite to mean danger.  Red keeps their negative energies pushed away from your own energy, try it for yourself and notice the difference in how you feel. . Red is also the colour of blood, your physical life force at this vibration, and a source of immense vibrational power. Look at all the elite ceremonies that require blood to be spilt for them to perform their so called magic….

Choose the words you speak and write with care, learn the meaning of putting your intent into something you create. Promote the high vibrational frequency of love to the masses, put the frequency of love into all you do. Love is the best way to destroy the low negative vibrations as its frequency is so high it basically melts all negativity away. Try cooking food with love and actually infusing this vibrational frequency into your food, you will taste the difference…

Once you start to learn how to control vibrational frequencies you will not be fooled into handing your power and energy over to the elite again, you will also learn that the pen is truly mightier than the sword as the words you write have a truly positive energy and power as they are filled with the love of your spiritual heart.

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