Posted by Rob Mazak (Staff Author) Posted on 12 February 2020

Chinese Wave?

The Coronavirus seems to have taken the internet and news media by storm. There are quite a lot of conflicting statistics, theories and stories that have been generated. I certainly cannot be completely certain of any absolute truth from my home here in the United States, however, I do know that there is quite a large mystery surrounding this virus. I also don’t want to repeat any of the information that is already being broadcast, however, I found something very subtle in one of the videos that has been circulating across the internet. I cut a portion of the clip out to point out something very specific that I am not sure people have really taken note of.

This clip is supposedly showing Chinese citizens being forcibly removed from their home when they have been identified with the Coronavirus. There is a very subtle action in this video that many people have probably missed. In the Asian cultures, it is extremely rude to call someone to you by waving towards you with your palm facing skyward. Normally, they would call a person to them by waving with their palm facing toward the ground. Notice at the beginning of the video where one of people in white suits realizes he needs help, then turns around and waves for help with his palm facing skywards. This action makes me really question whether these forced quarantine actions are being orchestrated by the native Chinese people. It seems obvious that those in the video are all speaking Chinese, however, that does not mean they are actual citizens of China. Maybe this video is a complete hoax and has been created using crisis actors? Maybe this video was not even created in China? Whatever is going on in this video certainly leaves me feeling suspect of the authenticity of this clip.

Of course, I have no real proof of any of this, just thought I would point out the obvious and let you decide for yourself.

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