Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 February 2020

Bernie Sanders declares victory in New Hampshire primary – as it happened

‘That’s it from me in Nashua tonight. Here’s how the New Hampshire primary shook out:

  • Bernie Sanders secured a narrow victory over Pete Buttigieg in the second voting state. With 85% of New Hampshire precincts reporting, Sanders currently leads Buttigieg by 1.4 points, capturing 25.8% of the vote. The victory will solidify Sanders’ status as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.
  • Amy Klobuchar surprised pundits with a strong third-place showing. The results currently indicate the Minnesota senator won nearly 20% of the vote, far exceeding expectations, but she will need to scale up her campaign operation quickly to replicate that success elsewhere.
  • It was a disappointing night for Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, who appear to have failed to break into double digits in New Hampshire. Both candidates downplayed their defeats by looking ahead to the next voting states, but they will need to secure victories soon to reverse media narratives about their sinking electoral fortunes.
  • Two candidates, Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet, dropped out of the race after disappointing finishes, and Deval Patrick may similarly withdraw as soon as tomorrow. With the debacle of the Iowa caucuses behind them, Democrats are finally starting to narrow the field to a handful of candidates.

The live blog will return tomorrow morning for more coverage of the election and fallout from Trump’s impeachment, so tune back in for that. And thanks for following our coverage of the New Hampshire primary.’

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