Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 11 February 2020

US/Turkish Big Lies About Syria

All wars are unjustifiably justified by media-supported Big Lies and deception — truth-telling revelations able to destroy pretexts for waging them.

According to State Department propaganda, “(t)he government’s brutal response to the Syrian people’s call for freedom and dignity sparked nation-wide demonstrations and escalating tensions, which descended into an armed conflict (sic),” adding:

“The US government has supported the international community’s efforts to work towards a negotiated political solution to the conflict under the auspices of UN Security Council Resolution 2254 (sic).”

“(T)he US government has worked closely with the global coalition to defeat ISIS to achieve a lasting defeat of the terror group (sic).”

Fact: Reality on the ground in Syria is polar opposite the State Department’s fabricated claims.

Fact: No popular uprising occurred in early 2011.

Fact: Syria is Obama’s war, escalated by Trump, supported by US imperial allies.

Fact: There’s nothing remotely “civil” about US naked aggression against a nation threatening no one.

Fact: The US opposes peace and stability in all its war theaters, why they rage endlessly, resolving them rejected by both right wings of the US war party.

Fact: ISIS, al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot, and likeminded terrorist groups were created by the US — used as proxy forces where they’re deployed, armed, funded, trained and directed by the Pentagon, CIA, and their imperial allies.

Fact: Syrian and Russian forces are consistently and wrongfully blamed for high crimes committed by US-supported jihadists and Pentagon terror-bombing of towns, villages, and vital infrastructure.

Fact: Legitimate opposition groups in Syria back Bashar al-Assad’s war on the scourge of US-supported jihadists.

Fact: Syria, its people, and government are victims of US aggression.

Fact: Despite most parts of the country liberated from US-supported terrorists, endless war rages with no prospect for resolution in sight — notably because the US and Turkey unlawfully occupy Syrian territory and refuse to leave.

Fact: Russian-led diplomacy since 2012 to restore peace and stability to the country failed.

The State Department falsely claimed that the US provided displaced Syrians with around $8.1 billion in humanitarian aid.

All US “aid” goes to jihadist-controlled areas, used for them exclusively.

In all its war theaters, US regimes don’t give a damn about suffering civilians. Post-9/11 alone, US aggression was responsible for millions of casualties, largely civilians.

US aggression in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere created the severest refugee crisis since WW II, countless millions displaced internally and abroad in neighboring countries.

US strategy against sovereign states earmarked for regime change is about instigating and maintaining instability and economic hardships for ordinary people.

In Syria and other war theaters, smashing and controlling them are Washington’s prime objectives, the human toll ignored.

Turkish involvement in Syria is all about pursuing wannabe sultan Erdogan’s revanchist aims, wanting control over northern Syria, especially its oil producing areas.

No cross-border terrorist threat exists. Ankara invented one to unjustifiably justify its aggression and occupation of Syrian territory.

In 2018, Putin  and Erdogan agreed on establishing a 15 – 20 km-wide demilitarized zone in Idlib along the Turkish border — to be jointly patrolled by Russian and Turkish forces for an interim period.

What Moscow agreed to in good faith, Ankara flagrantly breached.

Since established, Turkish-supported jihadists violated it daily, including straightaway each time ceasefires were declared.

According to Russia’s reconciliation center in Syria, (US/Turkish supported) Idlib jihadists shell and otherwise attack government forces and residential area scores of times daily — using the deescalation zone as a platform for aggression.

It’s why the only viable option for Syrian and Russian forces is smashing them, what’s been ongoing methodically since December — great care taken to avoid or minimize civilian casualties.

According to Turkish war minister Hulusi Akar on Sunday, the Erdogan regime “has Plan B in Syria.”

He falsely claimed that Ankara’s “main goal is to prevent migration and a humanitarian tragedy (sic).” 

“For this, we try to provide a ceasefire and stop the bloodshed (sic).”

“We say: ‘Adhere to this agreement.’ We have checkpoints there.” 

“There is the Adana Agreement, and there is a Sochi consensus with Russia.” 

“We say that this cannot be continued like this (sic).”

“We comply with international law and agreements (sic).” 

“We are resolutely expressing our legitimate demands (sic).” 

“But if reconciliation continues to be violated, we have plans B and C too.” 

“At every opportunity, we say: ‘Do not force us. Otherwise, our B and C plans are ready.”

So-called Turkish plans have nothing to do with restoring peace and stability to Syria, everything to do with achieving Erdogan’s revanchist aims — cross-border aggression his key strategy, launched and continuing on and off since 2016, flagrantly violating the UN Charter and other international laws.

Turkey has about a dozen so-called “observation posts” in northern Syria, some surrounded by Syrian forces, new ones reportedly being set up — all of them illegal under international law.

Sustained ceasefire in Idlib is only possible once the scourge of US/Turkish supported terrorists are eliminated.

Last week, Damascus accused Erdogan and other Turkish officials of lies and deception regarding his regime’s involvement in Syria, a Foreign Ministry statement saying:

“The Syrian Arab Republic deplores the insistence of the Turkish regime’s president Erdogan on continuing the lying and misleading regarding his acts in Syria, particularly his claim with regard to the entrance of his forces to northern Aleppo according to Adana Agreement on Combating Terrorism.”

Like the US, he supports the scourge he pretends to oppose.

The Trump and Erdogan regimes oppose Syrian sovereignty, territorial integrity, fundamental rights of its people and peace.

They support endless war of aggression, wanting Syria smashed and dismembered.

Russian involvement at the behest of Damascus since September 2015 changed the dynamic on the ground, liberating most jihadist-controlled areas.

For Syria to retain its sovereign independence and restore peace and stability to the country, it’s essential to defeat the scourge of US/Turkish supported terrorists altogether.

It’s crucial as well to end their illegal occupation of Syrian territory. 

Its liberating struggle depends on accomplishing these objectives.

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