Posted by Stephen Lendman Posted on 11 February 2020

Anti-Syria Propaganda Campaign

Israel wants the US to wage its wars, both nations pursuing their imperial agendas in cahoots with each other, Washington doing the heavy lifting.

A decade ago, the Obama and Netanyahu regimes plotted war on Syria to eliminate its sovereign independence and isolate Iran regionally.

The scheme failed, most terrorists supported by both regimes smashed, remaining ones largely in Idlib province and surrounding areas.

Syria’s campaign to eliminate them, greatly aided by Russian airpower continues, numerous towns and villages liberated from their infestation — greatly displeasing the US, NATO, the EU, Turkey and Israel.

On Tuesday, Pompeo said the Trump regime supports Turkish aggression in northern Syria, calling Syrian and Russian efforts to liberate terrorist-controlled areas, their fundamental UN Charter right, “a grave escalation…preventing the establishment of a ceasefire,” adding:

Trump regime hardliners “will do all in its powers to block any reintegration of (Syria) into the international community” as long as its liberating struggle continues.

Ceasefires are farcical when declared, breached straightaway by US/Turkish supported terrorists in Idlib on orders from their imperial handlers.

Russian-led diplomatic efforts since 2012 to restore peace and stability to Syria failed — because the Obama and Trump regimes want endless war, rejecting resolution.

On Thursday, pro-war/anti-peace/anti-Syrian sovereign independence EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell joined Pompeo’s call for a halt to the country’s liberating struggle — falsely accusing Syria and Russia of ‘bombings and other attacks on civilians in” Idlib.

Like US, Western and Turkish officials, he ignored scores of daily shelling and other attacks by jihadists these countries support — Syria and Russia attacking them, not civilians.

Jointly with European Emergency Response coordinator Janez Lenarcic, Borrell called for “unimpeded humanitarian access to people in need of assistance.”

The US and EU support it for jihadist-controlled areas alone, their policy throughout the war, aiding terrorists, along with supplying them with heavy and other weapons.

The only “peace agreement” that matters is what’s in place when the scourge of US-supported terrorism is eliminated, miles to go before achieved.

Turkey’s Erdogan and foreign minister Cavusoglu demand Russian and Syrian forces halt their liberating offensive — ignoring Ankara’s illegal occupation of Syrian territory.

UN secretary general Guterres never met a US, NATO, or Israeli war of aggression he didn’t wholeheartedly endorse, failing to denounce the supreme crime against peace, the highest of high crimes.

Days earlier, he failed to support Syria’s liberating struggle, never supported it earlier on his watch, instead saying “the nature of the conflict…is extremely worrying,” calling for “a cessation of hostilities” — instead of supporting Syria’s campaign to liberate its territory and free thousands of civilians held hostage by US-supported terrorists.

According to the Arabic-language Arabi 21, the Erdogan regime is building an illegal military base in northern Syria near the town of Taftanaz.

He sent new troops, weapons, and equipment into Syria’s Hatay province.

In cahoots with terrorists he supports, ceasefires when agreed on aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, breached by these elements straightaway every time.

According to Southfront, a new Turkish “observation post” was established near Idlib City, troops, armored vehicles, and other military equipment protecting it.

Illegally established, they’re all about halting Syria’s liberating struggle on its own territory, belonging to Syrians, not foreign occupiers.

A key objective of Syrian and Russia’s forces is liberating Idlib City, a jihadist stronghold, their fighters supported by the US, NATO, and Turkey.

Idlib City is about a dozen miles south of the Syrian/Turkish border, its population about 165,000 pre-war, most of its residents Sunni Muslims.

An earlier large Christian minority population in the city no longer exists, the city and surrounding areas seized by US/Turkish supported jihadists early in the war.

Retaken by Syrian forces months later, jihadists regained control in 2015, along with nearby towns and villages.

US-supported al-Nusra and Turkish-supported National Front for Liberation jihadists control these areas, essential for Syrian forces to liberate.

Estimated numbers of jihadists in Idlib and surrounding areas is believed to exceed 100,000 — heavily armed with US, other Western, Turkish, and Israeli weapons.

Syria’s campaign to liberate Idlib and surrounding areas began in December, greatly aided by Russian airpower.

Numerous towns and villages were liberated, along with the strategic crossroad where the M4 and M5 highways intersect at Saraqib, the city retaken, liberating nearby Idlib City the next major objective.

The successful campaign worries the US, Turkey, and their imperial allies, their grip on Syria greatly weakened, government forces with the upper hand.

Key is pressing on, liberating more areas, ignoring calls to halt the offensive.

Syria’s liberation from US/NATO, Turkish, Israeli, Saudi supported jihadists depends on it.

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