Posted by John Brindley (Staff Author) Posted on 10 February 2020

Lady Somerset Belanoff: Illuminati Queen or wicked hoax?

OH no, she isn’t!

Truthers have been engaged in a pantomime in recent weeks trying to answer the question that titles this article.

It follows the emergence of websites making extraordinary claims on behalf of a mysterious individual by the name of Lady Somerset Belanoff and  organisations including the so-called World Governing Council of Wettin.

In short, the narrative is that Lady Belanoff is at the head of the Illuminati running an organisation that has Bilderberg, the Committee of 300, the Council of Foreign Relations and the House of Windsor cowering in its wake.

Its base is allegedly Glamis Castle in Forfar, a place steeped in intrigue with tales of ‘the monster of Glamis’, the alleged witchcraft of the late Queen Mother and the reported detention of Prince Eddy, the King that never was.

But is all, or indeed any, of this true?

Thanks to highly respected researcher and truther Max Igan, I think we can rest more easily in our beds. It appears, beyond reasonable doubt, to be a wicked hoax designed to lead us down a rabbit hole with no end result.

There is some evidence that Lady Belanoff exists although her claim to be the Countess of Banbury and Aaron is unsubstantiated.

She has been traced as a socialite with an interest in the music industry in the 1960s but conveniently she then disappears from sight after apparently being appointed as the House of Windsor’s representative on the World Governing Council of Wettin in place of Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1979.

The source of much of the material is a website which has led other researchers to look for and unearth more material on Lady Belanoff. And yet they could be in on the big hoax too.

The website supposedly distributes announcements to heads of state, military bases, law enforcement, supreme courts and other organisations answerable to the World Governing Council of Wettin.

Backed up with unsubstantiated  quotes from Vladimir Putin who is said to fear Lady Belanoff, she issues a series of orders that corresponded with actual world events.

Here is an example. She orders Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti, the commander of the US Sixth Fleet, to send the Destroyer USS Donald Cook to the Black Sea, to meet up Turkish naval counterparts and go to the Port of Odessa. In the same post, she instructs the Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet that he is allowed to observe but not to interfere with the US ship. Several weeks later US military new sources announced that  the USS Donald Cook was indeed moving through the Dardanelles Straits en route to the Black sea.

Little wonder the website claims Lady Belanoff’s motto as ‘discussion is required, respectful dissidence is allowed, betrayal is a death sentence.’


The ’evidence’ for the World Governing Council existing is backed by images of staff, many of whom are extremely good-looking females. Interestingly, there appears to be only one image available of Miss Belanoff herself and that is from her schooldays, not a great deal to say for the life of a socialite.

On the positive side then we have brief anecdotal reasons to believe someone called Somerset Belanoff lived in the 1960s, Glamis Castle has a chequered history that lends itself to be a centre of evil and, without doubt, there is such an organisation as the House of Wettin which does indeed have historical links with the European Royal families.

But, as Max Igan reveals in the accompanying video, that’s as far as it goes.

There are no records to link Lady Belanoff with Wettin. No evidence of such an organisation as the World Governing Council of Wettin and massive question marks – probably exclamation marks – hover over the website.

For Igan has traced the origin of to find it was published only last month, therefore making its posts dating back to 2016 a fabrication. It isn’t too difficult or impressive to order or foretell world events from the vantage point of being four years ahead.

He has also found that Lady Belanoff’s alleged staff are too beautiful to be true because they don’t exist at all. In ‘real’ life they are a combination of an Instagram model, a Hollywood actress and AI generated images.

So we can now presumably put to bed claims Lady Belanoff has jurisdiction over Bohemian Grove and that her daughter, also beautiful and AI generated, runs a restaurant in America where human flesh is on the menu – there’s even a positive review from Prince Charles.

But, as Igan concludes, whilst burying the ghost of Lady Belanoff and the World Governing Council of Wettin saves us all time and worry, the real battle continues.

The tale gained the traction it did in just a few short weeks because it is close enough to the way things run in the shadows.

There are, as we know, organisations and individuals  higher than the House of Windsor that are manipulating the world with an evil intent that matches the imaginary world of Belanoff.

They just don’t put their names to websites – or look as if they have just come fresh off the cat walk!

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