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Creating Excitement with a Gray Sectional Sofa

A room with a gray sectional sofa can be a very exciting space. All you have to do is get a great sectional and add the right design elements to give it even more pizzazz. Here is a brief guide for creating a fascinating place with a gray sectional at its center.

Choose a Beautiful Gray Sectional

Your gray sectional will provide the backdrop for an exciting living room. Choose a high-quality set like the Ballinasloe Gray RAF Sectional. Its durability and fine craftmanship will ensure that your living room stays fresh and exciting through the years. Because gray goes with so many different colors, you can make many changes to your décor without having to start over with a new sectional.

Give Your Walls a Makeover

Once you’ve chosen your sectional, think about how you want the walls to embrace it. You could paint three walls one color and add an accent wall. Put mirrors on one wall. Or, add a brick wall to give the area more character. Remember that whatever you do to the walls is going to impact the color scheme and design theme dramatically. But if you’re looking for excitement, that may be exactly what you want.

Introduce Metallics into Your Color Scheme

Consider choosing a trendy color scheme and adding metallic accents. You can use metallics along with gray as your color scheme, or you can use other colors, too. For a gray living room, HGTV suggests using muted purples and pinks with metallics for an accent color trio. Gold, brass, silver, or even copper can add a bit of dazzle to your living room. Silver and pewter are the most commonly used metallics with a gray sectional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add other metallics instead.

Add Contrasting Elements

Contrasting elements really give your living room flair. For gray living room furniture, the most obvious choice is black and white. Both colors contrast nicely with gray as well as with each other. If you want bright colors, though, they can bring in a lot of fun. Choose colors that contrast with each other, such as navy and yellow. You can use these colors directly on the sectional, or in pillows or throws. Or, you can have them beside the sectional or anywhere in the room.

Get Some Fascinating Accessories

Accessories can be chosen to blend into the woodwork or really bring an extra element of intrigue. Choose accessories from the latter category if you want your living room to be awe-inspiring. Go beyond the ordinary to find pieces that really show your personality and your unique outlook on life. You can find many accessory options on a furniture site like 1StopBedrooms.

Avoid Chaos

Excitement is fun. Chaos is distressing. When you’re decorating your living room to be exciting, be sure you don’t cross that fine line. As long as you don’t overdo it, the metallic accents, contrasting colors, and intriguing accessories will carry the eye around the room without making you feel overwhelmed.

Creating an exciting ambiance in your living room is easy to do if you take a little time to visualize what you want it to be. Don’t be afraid to do something you’ve never seen before. In this case, your imagination is truly your friend as your find the elements that complement your gray sectional and bring more life into your room.


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