Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 9 February 2020

Hiding behind passenger planes, Israel’s new dirty tactic?

‘A day after the Russian Defense Ministry said that an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital endangered a civilian aircraft with 172 passengers, questions have arisen over what appears to be an Israeli plot to further escalate the situation in the region.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry’s Friday statement, Israel knowingly attacked Damascus as the passenger plane was preparing to land, with the aircraft only narrowly escaping the “lethal zone” of fire between Israeli missiles and Syria’s missile interceptors.

The Airbus 320 was heading to Damascus from the Iranian capital Tehran early Thursday when it was forced to divert its route as the Syrian capital’s air defenses intercepted Israeli missiles.

The Israeli attack took place as Syria troops were liberating the terrorist-held town of Saraqib in northwestern Idlib province, further tightening the noose on the foreign-backed terrorists there.’

Israel uses civilian flight as shield to raid Damascus after Syrian troops liberate Saraqib

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