Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 9 February 2020

Coronavirus deaths exceed Sars fatalities in 2003

‘The number of coronavirus deaths has overtaken that of the Sars epidemic in 2003.

In China’s Hubei province alone, the epicentre of the latest outbreak, the death toll now is put at 780 by regional health officials.

All but two of the overall total of 803 deaths have so far been in mainland China.

In 2003, 774 people were killed by Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in more than two dozen countries.

More than 34,800 people have been infected with the new coronavirus worldwide, the vast majority in China.

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergencyover the new outbreak.

What’s the latest on the coronavirus?

In its latest bulletin, health officials in Hubei reported 81 new fatalities on Saturday, bringing the death toll in the region to 780.

There now have been 801 deaths in China, with one each in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The new virus, 2019-nCov, was first reported in Hubei’s capital of Wuhan, and the sprawling city has been in lockdown for weeks.’

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