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Popular Apps for College Students

If you are in college, you probably need the help with writing an academic paper that you have you have to provide by the deadline. As a student, you need to remain focussed, plan things, and track assignments. There are several apps out there that help you achieve the same. In this post, we list the most useful ones: 

Apps That Help Students Plan 

Staying organized is one of the essential secrets to wellbeing and success in studies. Naturally, apps that help students plan their study are gaining popularity. Not only do they help get rid of the unnecessary paperwork, but they also send alerts and reminders directly to your connected device. They help you do your work faster and you can easily cope with a pile of assignments and there is no need to say – Write an essay for me.

Apps like Timetable, which is available on the Android platform, are top-rated. The Timetable app particularly sports a clean and sharp UI. With it, mapping your Timetable becomes as easy as a child’s play. There are also apps like Class Timetable meant for the iOS platform and the Android app My Class Schedule, which have a more conventional layout akin to spreadsheets.

Apps Helping You to Create Bibliographies

As a student, you must be well acquainted with the hours you spend in creating bibliographies. Including all the collected information in the right places in the correct format is an arduous task for students. But before you cry out – “Do my homework for me” to academic writers, try out the EasyBib app. It lets you create references easily by scanning the barcode that comes with books. The app comes with support for all the major referencing formats that are usually used in schools and colleges like APA, MLA, and Chicago. 

Apps Geared Towards Student Safety 

There have been significant concerns about student safety both in and out of campuses. As a result, a large number of apps that address this issue have emerged. They help ensure the safety of students while they are out at night. 

Deserving of mention with regards to safety is the Circle of Six app, which has both iOS and Android versions. It has been designed mainly to help students keep in touch with their peers and is really helpful in locating friends. With the app, you can reach your friends by simply pressing a single button. The GPS based tracker of the app will let your friends know your location. Other noteworthy student safety apps are React Mobile and bSafe. 

Apps That Help You Wake Up

Some students invariably wake up too late to attend lectures on time. With apps like Alarmy: Sleep If You Can, students need to perform specific tasks to turn off the alarm. This helps to ensure that you really wake up and don’t stop the alarm to continue sleeping. With the app, you can also get the latest weather updates, which are really helpful.

Another app called Sleep Cycle helps rectify the sleeping pattern of its users by waking people up when their sleep phase is the lightest. This is achieved by monitoring user movement as well as the sleeping time.

Apps That Let You Order Academic Assignments

 Student life is unique and fun. The apps listed in this article will help you make it even better. If you are particularly keen to have some time to yourself, you can always read do my homework reddit reviews to check the proficiency of an academic writer before hiring him. These days more and more academic writing services are coming out with apps that let you order assignments and save you time and effort.

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