Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 February 2020

‘Pelosi’s Tantrum’ Massively Backfires

‘Nancy Pelosi’s petulant decision to tear up a copy of Trump’s speech at the end of last night’s State of the Union address appears to have massively backfired.

Presumably attempting to appear courageous, the Speaker of the House’s angry mannerisms only ended up making her look like a grandma off her meds.

The hashtag #PelosiTantrum soon began trending on Twitter, with the general consensus being that the moment represented an optical disaster.

“Nancy’s #PelosiTantrum was a huge error on her part,” commented journalist Tim Pool. “Democrats needed to keep the news cycle focused on Trump’s speech as their key talking point was that Trump was lying In her rage it seems she just shifted the entire conversation to decorum and her pettiness.”

“The names of Americans who DIED for our country were written in this speech. @SpeakerPelosi has NO respect for our country or its people,” tweeted Ashley Stamets.’

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