Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 February 2020

Ian Paterson inquiry finds ‘dysfunctional’ healthcare system enabled rogue surgeon

‘An independent inquiry into how rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson was able to go on performing unnecessary operations for years uncovered a healthcare system “dysfunctional at almost every level”.

The inquiry found “patients were let down over many years” by the NHS and private hospitals.

Inquiry chairman the Rt Rev Graham James, Bishop of Norwich, said there was a culture of “avoidance and denial”, which allowed the breast surgeon to carry out unnecessary and botched operations on hundreds of women.

The inquiry has recommended the NHS Trust which employed Paterson and private health firm Spire Healthcare recall all of Paterson’s patients.

It heard 181 first-hand accounts from the surgeon’s former patients.

The Government is also being asked to introduce reforms, including regulation of insurance protection for patients as a “nationwide safety net”.

Paterson carried out unnecessary operations in NHS and private hospitals, exaggerating or inventing cancer risks and claiming payments for more expensive procedures.’

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