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Finding The Best Apps for AM & FM Radio with True News

The latest craze in music is streaming through apps. These have almost made radio stations obsolete. But for some of us who enjoy the radio vibe and morning talk shows, it can be really inconvenient to travel and still get our favorite radio stations. That’s why streaming has become so popular: no more being out of range and much less commercial interruption. But radio apps on your phone can combine the best of what you’re looking for in the convenience of mobile apps. 

Getting radio stations on your phone

When you’re traveling through the country or even an hour away from your house, getting your favorite radio stations can be difficult. There is either bad signal if you’re traveling in certain areas, or you’re simply too far away. That’s why mobile apps can be the best way to get radio for a phone, anytime, anywhere. 

If you only want to wake up to a certain radio show or your drive home isn’t the same without the rush hour tunes from your favorite stations, you don’t have to miss out when you’re out of town. As long as you’ve got cell service you can stream any radio show or listen live to radio stations no matter where you are. 

Best apps for music news

Along with staying in tune with your favorite radio stations, these helpful mobile apps can also allow you to get the latest news on specific music genres that interest you the most. You can customize these apps to send you articles, updates, and videos of your favorite artists, songwriters, bands, and genres. 

The more you get caught up in streaming apps, the more you might be missing out on new music or the latest music news. Instead of searching the internet for stories about your favorite artist, you can get updates and notifications any time he or she has a news story or interview come out. You’ll never miss a beat, and you also won’t miss out on the latest news.

Entertaining AM stations on your phone 

News updates will keep you in the loop, but if you’re really into news, podcasts, or reporting, then AM radio is something you probably love or would love listening to. The only downside to AM radio is its signal. Sometimes, it’s even more hit-or-miss than FM signal. Missing out on your favorite shows on AM radio is easy to do if your schedule is off or you travel out of town. 

Fortunately, you can get AM radio right on your phone. In the same way people use music streaming apps, you can link right to the radio stations for live streaming of radio shows when you’re out of town. You can also listen to past shows in the same way you’d listen to any other recording, podcast, or interview that had already occurred. 


When you’re looking for ways to enjoy your roots of radio listening but you’re tired of spotty signals, mobile apps can be the solution. You could check out this list to find your favorite. 

Apps For FM & AM Radio

From apps for your favorite music stations to your favorite AM radio shows, news, and more, this list has enough variety to ensure you’ll find an app or two that suit your radio needs.

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