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When Solar Energy Isn’t Green (or Safe)

If truly “green” sources of solar energy exist – they aren’t getting enough attention.  What seems to continue being promoted are sources that are environmentally damaging.  This was reported last summer in segment by “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.”  It’s being reported again by IEEE Spectrum:

Solar panels glimmering in the sun are an icon of all that is green. But while generating electricity through photovoltaics is indeed better for the environment than burning fossil fuels, several incidents have linked the manufacture of these shining symbols of environmental virtue to a trail of chemical pollution. And it turns out that the time it takes to compensate for the energy used and the greenhouse gases emitted in photovoltaic panel production varies substantially by technology and geography.

The good news is that the article offers details on how to remedy or at least reduce these issues.  The bad news is that not everyone is in a hurry to pay for that or even admit the issues exist.

Other bad news – some solar panels have been catching fire.  Blame has been placed on shoddy installation – not the technology itself.  Still – most businesses or homeowners aren’t willing to invest in something with that kind of track record.  Can you blame them?’

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