Posted by Christopher Goodhart Posted on 1 February 2020

The Western Demonization of Russia – Part Two

If we return to the early days after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We are. Literally. Where the rubber meets the road. As per the difference between Lennin/Marxism. Compared with real life Communism.

Or rather. The corruption and foreign intervention, that has enevitably sabatogued any semblance of successful socialist policies. Which our search will soon bring us full circle to.

In Russia. Where housing was paid for by the State. Before the Berlin Wall fell.

Income inequality quintupled. As oligarchs now bought up major sections of the Russian infrastructure.

Oil and gas. Trucking and waste management.  Aluminum and titanium mining. Now all were up for grabs.

While the West excitedly sat. Licking their proverbial chops. At the massive opportunities for exploitation that awaited them.

For that was what the Soviet Union model was built for.  To turn against the allied nation that paid the highest price. In National Treasure. To help “Win the War”

By enslaving the Russian people. Taking away their religion. Their freedoms. Trying as desperately to erase their history. Much in the same light as what was attempted in the Donbas region of Ukraine. In 2014.

So in Boris Yeltsin. The West had their perfect patsy. A habitual drunkard. Who in one way or another. Was easily manipulated into accepting America’s demands. Western corporations at the ready to fill the vacuum in all the aforementioned sectors.

When Yeltsin stepped down. Appointing his Deputy Prime Minister in his place.

2020 Mainstream Media of today. Would inevitably cue the Star Wars anthem. Describing a stone cold killer of a former K.G.B. Agent. Vladimir Putin. Taking the reigns.

But in 1991. The West was caught unawares. Thinking that this young upstart in Putin. Was groomed by Yeltsin.  Therefore. In on the game.  An easy successor of a pasty.

But they. Were seriously mistaken.

Putin cleaned house. Or rather. Walked as fine a line as anyone could. Between the oligarchs in power under the Iron Curtain.

And the future he knew what needed to be done. To bring Russia out from under the ashes of what near eighty years of oppression had done to her. Dating back to the Bolshevik Revolution.

The 41st U.S. President. George Herbert Walker Bush. Who’s nasally-monotone draw. Normalized by lighthearted Dana Carvey imitations on SNL. Hid a dark agenda. Groomed in literal ritual fashion. Since his days as a Bonesman at Yale.

While he had promised Yeltsin. NATO would not move, “One kilometer closer towards Moscow”.

President Bush’s commercial interests. Made sure to pave the way for NATO expansionism. Right up to St Petersburg’s doorstep.

Yet. In a manner telling of a man. More than any Rachel Maddow talking point ever could.

On September 12th. 2001. It was Vladimir Putin. Who phoned then President George Walker Bush. Offering his support in the form of allowing U.S. troops right up to the Russian border of Afghanistan.

As he knew what fighting in Afghanistan was like for the Soviet Union. As well that war being the brainchild of Mrs Joe Scarborough’s father. Professor Brzezinski. While as President Carter’s National Security Advisor.

Who wanted to give the Soviet Union. In his own words:

“Their own personal Vietnam”

But all this aside. President Putin knew all about the dangers of terrorism. Having to deal with the migrating after effects.  America’s intervention created for Russia. In the Baltic’s.


Yet this genuine gesture. Had little effect.

To what I see. In its’ most basic form. Is President Putin simply wanting Russia to be taken seriously.  To be treated as any other country. Without the double standard.


For America’s hegemony. The “New World Order” that Bush 41 spoke of.   Standing tall, and looking Presidential. Few unaware this same man may very well have used Geronimo’s skull as a sex toy, back at Yale. The very skull his own father had stolen. From the famed Native American Warrior’s tomb.

I digress. But where, in 1991. It was so much easier to fool the masses.  Where most people would never imagine that we, America.  Are not the good guys anymore.  Plain and simple.

Not We the People, America.  But those “Elected Officials” we are told represent us. When sadly. It is corporate America they represent.

Well. I won’t speak for America. But I must speak for myself. When I say.

Secretary Steve Mnuchin. When you say you are putting maximum pressure on Iran. With the stiffest sanctions imaginable.

You are not speaking for me. Nor representing the will of the majority of Americans.

What that statement DOES say.  Is that America’s current foreign policy. Is to inflict as much carnage as possible. On the citizens of Iran. North Korea. Russia and Venezuela alike.

Knowing, Damn well. These sanctions will have little to no effect on these countries’ leaders or policy.

Just in hope.  The very citizens they so cowardly targeted.  Will “rise up” and do their fighting for them.

Now. It isn’t even America’s perceived and often manufactured “enemies” that must fear sanctions.

It’s our own Allies too.

Rather than try and find any common ground. Current foreign policy is literally extortion. Plain and simple.

What frustrates me most. Is the danger it puts American citizens in, abroad.

Where they become the undeserving targets of aggression. Of the well deserved frustrations.  Our foreign policy bears.

Actions have consequences.

So when the majority of us rational humans ask.

“Now why [have] they gone and done that?”

“What do they possibly expect will come of It?”

We shouldn’t try and rationalize it. Or we’ll all go mad. Because they know EXACTLY what will happen. They do it on purpose.

So what do we do?

I have asked myself this many times. Tried to make some grassroot movements go viral.  A #PurpleModerateParty. Or #PeacefulSilverRevolution.  All to what seemed no avail.

But nothing we do, is in vain.  Only if we cease to be.

Because the good news is. Their story can’t hold water. ..and they are scared to death it will come out.


That is the crux of the mystery. Of just WHY free speech is being stripped away. In lieu of “Political Correctness”

Which must be. The ultimate oxymoron. Or if not. The perfect catchphrase, encompassing the sheer madness of today.

For their is nothing under God’s blue sky. Correct. About politics.


But few people realize how much power we have. When we come together. Peacefully.  En masse.

Then, and only then. These elected officials will act. Many, only in their own, selfish need to survive.

But regardless. They will act.

The only way I see us accomplishing this. In this purposeful polarized state. They have put us in.

Red versus Blue. Black on white. Man or woman. Gay or straight.

Always trying to put us all in an easily categorized box.


The answer. Lies in the Bill Of Rights.

To Hell with the Constitution and most of it’s antiquated articles.

Besides. Not one of the vital top fifteen mean a thing. If the Bill Of Rights cannot be enforced.

Not that we need to wait on the government to start following it.

All we need to do. Is demand it. By showing #EqualOutrage.

If a gun-toting, self-described redneck. In the middle of middle America.  Hears of a young, urban crossdresser being discriminated. Or vice versa.

They must show EQUAL OUTRAGE. At the thought of another one of their fellow citizens. Being discriminated.

Not this. If I am to win. “They” have to lose. Mentality.  The neo-liberal ruling class has indoctrinated most of the Woke masses to.

Then, and only then. Our combined voices will be heard as one harmony. Not the static of billions of crisscrossing cries for freedom.

Now. More than ever. The warning made by Benjamin Franklin.  At the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Rings louder than at any time. In American history. Or the history of this globalised world. For that matter.

“We must ALL stand together..

Or. Most assuredly..

We shall ALL hang, separately”

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