Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 1 February 2020

Secret Service Agents And U.S. Marshals Are Patrolling Our Schools

‘The U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Marshals Service has been expanding into America’s school system at an alarming rate.

The Secret Service is training school administrators and teachers to identify violent students in numerous states like Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Louisianaand Kansas.

As the Secret Service report “Protecting America’s Schools” mentions, there is no profile that school administrators and teachers can use to identify a student attacker.

Attackers varied in age, gender, race, grade level, academic performance, and social characteristics. Similarly, there was no identified profile of the type of school impacted by targeted violence.

To help schools identify future school attackers, states like Florida, South Dakotaand Texas have begun putting undercover marshals in all their school districts.

The Herald Tribune revealed that “marshals will be embedded at every local school campus.”

The article also revealed who is behind the push to put armed marshals in America’s school system saying,

The marshals would be deployed at each school by the Sarasota County schools Director of Safety, Security and Emergency Management for Sarasota County Schools. They would each carry a firearm.

A look at the State Homeland Security and Emergency Services”website reveals that Directors of Safety, Security and Emergency Management jobs are actually Homeland Security positions.’

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