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What Roles Do Trees Play In Your Garden

We all know that tree already have lots of benefits for our atmosphere. But do these benefits make trees a preferable thing to grow in your personal small garden? Or, are they overrated?

Well, other than that obvious advantage of their production value, trees have lots of other reasons to deserve a prominent place in your garden. In addition to their benefits for the atmosphere and animals inhibiting them, trees can also provide you with a myriad of benefits even in your personal garden in big cities. Here are some of the roles a tree like the Chinar Tree can play and the benefits it can provide you with in a garden.

Production Value Is A By Product

When you’re growing a tree in your garden, your obvious ling term goal to trim that tree properly and make your garden look beautiful and living. This add to the curb appeal of your house and increases its value. But another thing that you get as a reward from the nature for growing that tree is its production value.

No matter what type of fruit bearing tree you plant in your garden, it’ll start giving you an enormous amount of its fruits after it matures. Trees like Apples, hazelnut and chinar are some of the most famous in this category.

Provides Habitat To The Animals And Birds

Like it or not, you’ll have to share your garden with some of the cutest animals and birds when you have a tree in the garden. Trees act as natural habitat for lots of different species of animals and birds. A single tree can act as a complete ecosystem for the animals, birds, insects and flowers. So, expect to be woken up by the sweet voice of chirping birds in the morning. This is a dream come true for the nature lovers.

They Save The Soil From Eroding

Trees have strong roots extending deep down into the earth, these roots are enough to hold the soil under your house firmly and avoiding it from eroding over time. This can keep the foundations of your house safe by keeping the soil beneath your house strong and in place. This is one of the best benefits of tree that many homeowners look for.

Save Your House From Strong Winds

Trees like the Chinar Tree (read more on IndiaGardening) can grow to be really huge in size. So, they provide you with a perfect opportunity to trim and convert into any shape you want. Additionally, the tree(s) in your garden act as direct barriers against the strong winds and save your house from their detrimental effects. Additionally, you can also determine the direction of wind flowing in your area by just taking one look at your tree.

They Make Your House Energy Efficient

This one is the most obvious. Trees can provide your house with much needed cold wind and shade especially during the summer. This can directly impact the energy efficiency of your house.


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