Posted by Christopher Goodhart Posted on 31 January 2020

The Western Demonization Of Russia – Part One

I have been blessed with a stubborn independence streak. Since before I can recall.

A classic example. For which I chose the Demonization of Russia in Modern Western Foreign Policy. As my outline.

Born of a conservative father. His case a blueprint of a man determined to do the opposite of his father. Yet intrinsically as liberal and identical to he.

With an open minded mother.  Born Catholic as dad. But following a way of Sant Mat. One believing in reincarnation and kindness to all creatures.

Always fascinated by military history. Even in first grade.

An assignment to draw a picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Had mine with P-51 Mustangs flying top cover for F-4U Corsairs strafing mountain caves by a triangle shaped airfield. One identical to Calgary International Airport.

The same. I would realize. Thirty years on. As Iwo Jima.

When my teacher commended my imagination. Yet politely scolded my ignorance of historical timelines.

“We didn’t have airplanes when George Washington crossed the Delaware.”

I can remember my polite retort to this day. With no hate in my innocent heart.

“Yes. But I was there.”

Fast forward four years. To fifth grade. A year of athsma kept me inside more than I liked. But taking full advantage of a book library. My grandfather and father had accumulated.

One was MiG Pilot. The biography of Soviet fighter pilot Viktor Belenko.

It gave me such an insight. Into the life of 1970s Soviet Union.  One that forged such strong beliefs, at a young age. Many of which I would question at certain points in my life later.

For instance. The thought of being German one day. For anyone East of the Wall. Then all books taken away the next.  Your entire life changed into Soviet Society.  Put the fear of God into me.

They should have let Patton go all the way to St Petersburg. I would repeat. Having read it somewhere. Resonating deeply as I consumed it.

I can’t imagine living like that. I thought. In 1984.

To where after my teacher read us a story of how a Russian family was able to immigrate to America. I was so alarmed.

I stood up and challenged.

“Oh. That sounds all well and good. But what about twenty years from now? After their children have all grown up. Everyone forgetting their origin.

Then they each enter sensitive areas of our government. Infiltrating from within.”

I basically gave the screenplay up for the Amerikans. You’re welcome, FX.

This is the mind of a young, impressionable Chris Goodhart. Full of hope. Which I strive daily, to this day. To not give up.

But a ten year old mind with more firm opinions than facts. Made from books, documentaries, and sitting through Firefox as my first trip to the movie theatre with dad. A few years past.

Yet. In 2020. I see the role reversal our two countries seem to have made.

The United States and the “former” Soviet Union. As vehemently as our modern “diplomats” deny ever ended. By their outward disdain to modern Russia.

A Russia that literally pulled itself from the history books. Under the rubble of the very prison it was placed into. The Soviet Union.

Because it did not happen out of chance. The creation of the Soviet Union was predestined. At the moment the Belshevik Revolution was uncaged.

Perhaps even years before. I believe I can outline why.

My Great Uncle. My Grandmother’s Uncle in Germany. Was one of the Baron Von Richtofen’s pupils.

While I don’t want to digress on the ebb and flow of the most evolutionary war in modern history. In terms of weapons, tactics and sheer horror.

But my primary point being. The Germans thought they were winning the Great War, and probably were.

While back in America. The power brokers often imagined around round tables. Smoking cigars in low lit rooms. Making decisions that affect the masses.

They proved. If the American Civil War was not the first American conflict. Started solely for industrial profits. By arming and profiting from both sides.

Then World War One. Termed the Great War in its sick irony. Would seal the obvious.

By bringing America into the War. To save the French and British. In the 11th hour.

This not only changed the fate of the War. It altered the power structure of the world. The British Empire appearantly handing the reigns. To America.

But it also set the stage for Round 2.

What most people consider World War Two. Was not a second war at all.  Just a new ring of the old bell.

The SANCTIONS the Versailles Treaty placed upon Germany.  Very similar to those America slaps on Russia and Iran today.  Seemingly with no consequence.

The equivalent of a half billion dollar payment split between France. With their largest share. Britain and the United States. While not allowing Germany the ability to export or trade to make this crippling payment.

Ensured that World War Two could easily provide the same result. With its proven blueprint dusted off.

America would stay sidelined. Ford Motor Company selling Germany industrial trucks. For instance. At the start of the War.

Until again. At the 11th hour.

Perhaps by Pearl Harbor. Perhaps by design.

America again enters the War.

One which was officially ended in the Pacific. With a formal signing by Admiral Hirohito.

Yet in Europe.  There never was an official end to the conflict.

Just another silent shift of power in Franfurt Am Main. Again behind the scenes.  Only the suits were now traded for uniforms.

So if we follow this established pattern.

The collapse of the Soviet Union. The promise by President George H.W. Bush that NATO would not move one kilometer closer to Russia.

Followed by the rapid expansion of NATO.  Russia banned from most international markets.

Duplicates. On a massive, international stage.

The same effects America’s domestic and international “Drug War” on civil liberties does.

Prohibition taking what Abraham Lincoln described as “Things that are not inherently evil. Now labeled as such”

Drives modern Russia underground.  Not giving any incentive to adhere to “Western” philosophies.

So. Like South Korea. Or like Iran.  These countries turn inward. Having to become more independent. Under their situation. Not bothering to bend an inch towards the West. For they know exactly who has placed this burden on them.

Their civilian populations even more than any dictator or leader of any measure.

THEY know who is to blame. Which never manifests itself as a newfound love for America and its talks of “Freedom and Democracy”.

Wanting to kiss the hand that beats them.

But rather. The main byproduct being. Hatred towards the West. With America its poster child.

The only question that remains. Is simple.

How many times are we going to repeat failed history?

When at its simple core. Diplomacy can be as simple as two parties. Looking each other in the eye. Finding a middle ground. Calling bullshit when necessary. To get to the truth.

Then honoring their word. Each.

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