Posted by Jason O'Connor Posted on 31 January 2020

The Solution to Breaking Free from the Reptilian Brain

We as humans are a divine race spiritual beings who many thousands of years ago were taken over by a controlling reptilian species. Our planets direction was changed and our environment curtailed to their liking.

Our original DNA was re-engineered to block us from our true nature, and to control us completely we were not only given our captors mind, our reptilian brain, but also their wants, habits and desires.

The reptilian brain controls and subjugates us through fear, it changes the natural behaviour of our divine being to one or a more pliable compliant slave to the system. A system that was created by our captors to make us subordinate in all areas and compliant to their vision of how we can serve them best.

Our whole education system, governmental structure, religious organisations, judicial system and military is built upon the ideals and aspirations of the reptilian mind. As true divine beings connected to the light, these institutions are the complete opposite of being in harmony with the universe, and in harmony with our true higher selves.

Freeing ourselves from this enslavement is our life’s mission…

The reptilian brain enslaves us through our thoughts, actions and deeds, so to break free and retake control we must learn how to control our consciousness . To begin to discern what is our fake programming and what is true. For it is only through this act do we take our true power, our true selves back into the light and away from the bonds of darkness we have been enslaved into for so long.

Our first act after awakening to what has happened to us as a species and recognising this as a mass behavioural implant is to discard all the aspects of our reptilian captors. To do this look deep within your heart and search your feelings as to what is correct conduct and what has being implanted into you.

Look at your life, your behaviour, your education, your work, your diet….

What is it that you need to change to break free from this reptilian control…

Remember you are a divine being, a star child filled with the love and energy of the universe flowing within you, do you really need or want to kill another life form and eat it?

Its not a matter of becoming a vegan, it’s about spiritual and energetic compatibility. Everything in the universe is made up of energy that vibrates to a certain frequency.  So ask yourself do you want the energy vibration of another dead entity within you ?

How do you feel that energy will effect your own energy? Simply it will bring it down to a reptilian level, just where they want you to be and to stay.

Just as you would find it abhorrent to kill and eat another human, so when you open your heart to the higher frequencies of energy you find it abhorrent to kill and eat any other being or entity, whether it be animal or plant.

So what does this mean, it means to have a truly spiritual diet you consciously only consume products that have not killed another being. So you eat seeds, leaves, and animal by products that have not caused the death of any living entity, only that way can you say you are on the right track back towards your true self as a pure divine being of light.

In your working life, look at what it is you do, if it has any affiliations to anything that causes the death of another living entity then look at your actions and ask yourself a simple question. Would my true self my spiritual divine child of the light approve of my actions with this work, if the answer is no then change your profession to one more conducive to your new found purpose in life. Do not let a monetary fear control your decision, know that the universe will support you as you release yourself from control.

Review your life, has your education been illuminating to your spirit or has it been an indoctrination to the system of control . A system designed to keep you under, to keep you consuming, to keep you striving for more material possessions, to keep you in debt to the banking elites.

Look at your lifestyle, do you live online awaiting an endorphin hit from the likes to your online presence, do you live in the selfie world where you constantly post pictures of yourself to the world in hope of some positive feedback high. Or do you live at one with nature without the need for the constant gratification of social media. Which do you feel in your heart is the more spiritual pathway away from the constant control of the reptilian mind? Can you happily throw away your smart phone knowing that its just a tool of control that locks you into the system?

Having reviewed your life look at how many simple steps it would take for you to make some profound changes, draw yourself up a plan to make these steps and awaken yourself back to your former glory as a member of the true human race, the children of the light.

Five steps is all it takes to change your life around, start working out your second step today, your first step was awakening to the realisation that you have been controlled and a slave to the reptilian system of fear.

Understand there is nothing to fear, it is only a perception of the reptilian mind implanted into you to keep you under their control…. To keep you subjugated to their will, their mind, their technology and their planned future for you …

Now is the time to awaken, now is the time to break free and now is the time to take your true divine energies back…..

It’s the domino effect, as one awakens so the next and the next and the next and soon the reptilian brain, this imposed system of control and fear will begin to reveal its cracks and fall apart all around you revealing the truth of what has been hidden for so long in plain sight.

This is the solution to breaking free, there are no magic wands and no one is coming to do it for you. You have to make the changes to your own life yourself, yes it involves work and responsibility on every ones part, everyone has to take stock of their own lives and make the changes needed to awaken but this is the only way to release humanity from our reptilian captors for good.

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