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Army Wants Social Network Exploitation Services To Police Threats

‘Activist Post has previously reported how the Pentagon wants to police social media for fake stories and deep fakes. Now, the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command wants to get involved in policing social media for “threats,” according to Nextgov.

According to a service job offer published by the Army, CID aims to acquire access to “social media exploitation” services.

“The solution shall be web-based with subscription to support the organizations’ ability to quickly unlock the value of social media and big data to assess risk, respond to threats and discover actionable intelligence,” officials wrote.

For those who don’t know, CID is the Army’s primary investigative organization used for looking into all serious felony related crimes relevant to the branch. Nextgov writes, “insiders engage in information collection for sensitive and serious violations of the law, the analysis and dissemination of criminal intelligence, protective service operations, forensic laboratory support, records maintenance, logistics security, force protection and beyond.”

CID seeks to acquire 62 separate subscriptions, 57 of which that are basic and five that are advanced for software licenses that will provide “secure and legal social media threat detection and risk mitigation.” The agency listed its requirements for a software service or services that provide “interactive datamining capabilities.” They also want the service to cover for at least 250 queries per day, and cover at least 70 web-based international platforms including — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VK, LinkedIn, Discord, Gab, Telegram, SoundCloud, Myspace, Google+ — and others.

Last year, DARPA announced it would deploy online cyber forces to watch for “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” using specialized software to detect deep fakes of photos, videos and audio clips, as Activist Post reported.

Here’s a friendly reminder for the reader that the blurred line between the CIA and Pentagon, which houses the umbrella of all armed services, exists from what was formulated during the Obama administration. Although, in the more distant past, the CIA has run clear disinformation operations on the American public during Operation Mockingbird.

Besides the CIA, other agencies in the U.S. government are allowed with impunity to run Press Packages (paid government releases), i.e., propaganda.’

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