Posted by John Brindley (Staff Author) Posted on 29 January 2020

Is this man Diana’s shocking secret? Why the jury will always remain out….

When the late, tragic Princess Diana famously claimed she had a secret that would shock the world, it was a case of perm any from about 50…..

There are literally so many Royal secrets that would shock ordinary fair-minded folk that it’s almost impossible to predict with any degree of certainty what was in her mind.

But here’s one that will not go away, even more than two decades later. The idea, some would say myth, that Charles and Camilla met much earlier than historically accepted and fathered a love child.

British-born engineer Simon Dorante-Day, aged 53, who is now based in Queensland, Australia. claims to be that long forgotten child and is still battling in the High Court to attempt to prove it.

He wants the heir to the throne and his one-time mistress now wife, to take a DNA test to provide a definitive answer.

Dorante-Day was born in Gosport, near Portsmouth, in April 1966 and was adopted at the age of 18 months by Karen and David Day. Both Charles and Camilla would have been teenagers at this time. Officially they didn’t meet until the 1970s when they had an affair which supposedly fizzled out as Camilla wed Andrew Parker Bowles and Charles had his ill-fated marriage to Diana.

He has been looking for his real parents for 40 years and despite being called ‘bogus’ and ‘bonkers’ and every other name under the sun maintains: “I am simply a man looking for my biological parents and every road has led me back to Charles and Diana’.

Aside from the fact his story doesn’t complement official, respectable and mainstream media approved history, the chief problem with Dorante-Day’s claim is he has brown eyes and the Royal couple apparently have blue eyes to match their blood.

However he counters claims that he has been ‘tampered with’ – not the first time researchers have come across such a suggestion!

Dorante-Day believes his case will have been on the minds of The Queen and Charles and co at the Sandringham summit seeking to find a solution to the Harry and Meghan crisis.

Chances of Dorante-Day getting his wish for physical evidence to be produced? Somewhere between zero and less than that.

And that’s why, although there clearly are ‘madman’ out there claiming Royal connections including more than one saying they should be King, his story can’t be disregarded altogether.

Diana would have had few problems unveiling a multitude of embarrassing secrets that, from her vantage point at least, contained more than an element of truth.

Whether this was foremost or even one of them, we may never know – because Buckingham Palace covers up so many scandals, they are always likely to be accused of shenanigans that never took place.

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