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Claire Edwards: What is the real 5G Agenda and why the frantic hurry to deploy it?

‘This interview of an ex United Nations Editor brings much needed clarity to cut through the propaganda, and the deceit, especially in relation to the increasing health problems and their effects on living organisms – people.

There has always been a lingering question as to why is 5G being hyped up, as the panacea for all things with communications and especially the internet of things. That they must deploy NOW as soon as possible! Why the hurry?

Claire Edwards has worked for 19 years in the UN in Austria as an editor on Drugs and Crime, anti Terrorism and especially worked on Space documents and the ‘peaceful use of outer space’ … which has a legal subcommittee and a scientific and technical sub committee and as a results she has a very good understanding of Space Law as well as some of the issues regarding space (which should be designated as part of the global commons).

What brought her to an in-depth understanding of 5G and its effect on human health is that in December 2015 the UN installed all along the ceilings in what is called ‘public access points’ in the UN International Centre in Vienna in Austria. These areas were for public use.

Radiation Exposure ‘off the scale’

So she decided to take her radiation meter for measuring electromagnetic fields – and do some ‘readings’ in this whole area. She visited the conference areas, where they had these ‘public access’ areas that were for mobile phones – cell phone access and also for wifi access. In these conference areas they tend to have very high ceilings – and she found that the radiation was not that bad, but in the corridors where most of the staff worked – as these were very narrow corridors – with metal walls and very low ceilings above all these public access points – her meter would not even measure the exposure levels there, as it was off the scale!

So she contacted all the authorities in Vienna, as well – also the UN medical service in Vienna – and also the Staff Union – and staff representatives. She said that this needs to be looked into and that they bring in the Building Biology people in to find out if these levels are safe. She spent two years chasing this up and the result was that everyone ignored her.

She says as soon as the technology was deployed she became ill (hypersensitivity) – she was ill for 7 months with flu and colds continuously. What she has found out since is that flu symptoms are nearly identical to electromagnetic radiation poisoning. Because it’s an environmental toxin.

Asking the United Nations Secretary General about 5G

She did not connect this at the time – but as soon as this technology was activated – that is when she started to suffer health affects. However as no one would do anything about it, she decided on early retirement and it was not until a year and a half later that the United Nations Secretary General made a visit to Vienna – during which he addressed the staff and she was still able to, as an ex UN employee – attend his talk.’

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