Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 January 2020

Students Suffer “Separation Anxiety” After Schools Take Smartphones During Class

‘Smartphones continue to be one of the biggest distractions that teachers of all levels have to deal with in the classroom.

Now, according to the WSJ, teachers are dealing with a consequence that nobody ever could have imagined when taking kids phones in order to provide a distraction-free learning environment: separation anxiety.

Teachers across the US are comparing notes on what the best ways to manage this anxiety are. Some of them allow students to physically hold their phones in pouches that they can’t open during class. Others let students charge their phones at stations in class instead of having to leave them alone in their lockers.

Some teachers even offer extra credit to students for being able to part with their phones during class.

South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School had to find a way to stop students from sneaking out of class to their locker to check their phones. They took the route of buying foamlike pouches that won’t unlock without a special magnet.’

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