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Shots fired in German town of Rot am See reportedly kill 6, shooter in custody

‘Shots were fired in a small town west of Nuremberg, Germany, with local media reporting multiple casualties and injuries. Police, which sent additional patrols to the site, say the shooter has already been apprehended.

An unknown suspect opened fire in Rot am See, a town of just 5,300 inhabitants, local police report. The media are speaking of at least six dead, although police have only said that “many were injured and, probably, killed.”

The gunman has been promptly brought to custody. At this stage, he is believed to have acted alone as “there’s no evidence of other suspects.”

Preliminary inquiry suggests that the shooter could have known his victims. The Bild tabloid reported that he was a man in his 30s, while the victims were members of his family.

A “large” police operation is still underway.

The latest mass shooting in Germany occurred four and a half months ago in the eastern city of Halle, near Leipzig, where a far-right gunman tried to enter a local synagogue, killing two bystanders and injuring two others.

The shooting spree ended when two regular patrol officers managed to detain him while the elite special forces were still on their way. The suspect was charged with two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder afterwards.’

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