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What Do YOU Mean When You Say ”5G”?

When you say, “5G” or ”Stop 5G,” please be sure you haven’t been misled about what it is, what you are opposing – or want. Most “5G” opposition presents more like hysteria than fact.

“5G” (in quotes) indicates the lack of a critical distinction that forms the basis of this article. Although “5G” and its implementation are confusing enough (not even the Industry has settled all details), compounding the problem unnecessarily is the output of most opposers, which suggests they don’t really know what it is – or aren’t saying.

Opposition includes erroneous information, omissions, sometimes propaganda – and sometimes utter nonsense – alongside some truth – even from those who should know better, such as “concerned scientists”.

The “Stop 5G!” mantra irresponsibly leaves environment, people, and communities in greater jeopardy than do the ominous facts. This article attempts to raise some ‘dust’ and clear the air at the same time.

Because carrier rollouts and stories of harm are major opposition concerns, much detail is given to show how “5G” hysteria makes things worse in various cases. Safety testing, history of official awareness of harm, and opposition priorities are also discussed.

Two Summaries have been published separately for fast-trackers. A Bullet Summary for those who’d rather pick and choose detail, and a Text Summary, for those who want a more general sweep. Both provide means for quickly accessing areas of particular interest. But reading the full text is strongly encouraged. A small number of revisions might not appear in the Summaries.

“5G” confusion revolves around some technical things, but non-techies need not be intimidated. Easily understood basics are all one needs. Like musical notes, the signals to and from devices and towers are just vibrational frequencies. Comparison ends there, however, because telecom/WiFi frequencies are microwave radiation like in your microwave oven, not acoustic.

Many people are familiar with frequency designations used in telecom/WiFi. But for a quick and easy ‘course’ in frequency (and wavelength) if needed, please read the first 4 paragraphs of The Physicssection of Wireless Technology: The Plain Physics & Biophysics (the section and article need key revisions in certain specifics, but the principles remain).

Natural microwave radiation of vanishingly low power comes to Earth from the universe. It’s called the ‘cosmic background level’ – what life has evolved in. Like man-made microwave, this energy wave has electric and magnetic properties and is called an electro-magnetic field (EMF). Opinions vary on its frequency range, one being that it covers the same range as artificial microwave, 300 MHz to 300 GHz – the top section of the entire manmade radio frequency spectrum (3 KHz to 300 GHz).’

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