Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 January 2020

Robots Takeover Domino’s New Supply Chain Center

‘Domino’s has started the construction on a 59,000-square-foot facility in Texas that will be the source of creating pizza dough for hundreds of regional stores, and there’s one major issue: the new high-tech supply chain center will be completely automated.

The new facility, located at 900 Igloo Road in Katy, Texas, will produce enough pizza dough for 300 stores across the region. The production of the dough will be entirely completed by robots and artificial intelligence systems for maximum productivity.

The company said because they will eliminate humans from the production line, the facility can create upwards of 20,000 trays of pizza dough balls per day.

The new facility will only create 85 jobs, as opposed to if there weren’t any robots, it would have created hundreds of jobs for the local community.

Domino’s, like many other businesses, is rapidly integrating automation into its supply chain to fend off soaring labor costs that are compressing margins. The company has found it hard to pass increased costs to broke consumers, so it has opted to introduce automation and the elimination of humans from its supply chains to keep pizza prices low.

The new automated supply chain facility will open in late 2020.’

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